Thursday, February 23, 2012

Empire Forcing Citizens To Use Lethal Self Defense

Like I've reiterated many times over the decades, fascism first does things in it's client states that will be replicated domestically. Take a good long look at empire's client regimes over the past 50 years or so and tell me it isn't happening in america, right now.

Police Use of Excessive Force By Bullet on the Rise Throughout the Country

"Use of excessive force by police officers in America is not anything new. Over the last 5 years there has been a steady rise in reports being filed by citizens claiming that their local police used excessive force in their cases.

Despite the high profile these cases receive on Youtube and other media sources, this trend continues to rise. With little repercussions from their actions, police officers are taking bold and aggressive measures everyday.

A new trend however has citizen cop watch groups concerned. Excessive force by bullet seems to be on the rise. Watch groups are noticing more and more officers using deadly force on unarmed citizens and in some cases on citizens who have not even comitted a crime.

Headlines from news papers across the country confirm that there is a real reason to be concerned about this up and rising trend.

On February 10, WUSA9 News ran a story about a 54 year old, Culpeper, Va. woman, Patricia Cook, who was gunned down by a Culpeper Town Police officer in a church parking lot at 10 A.M. in the morning.

Apparently Mrs. Cook was parked in the church parking lot and the officer was investigating a suspicious car report. What happened after that is still unknown with the officer claiming that Mrs. Cook rolled his arm up in the window and then preceded to drive off, dragging him and forcing him to shoot her for his own safety.

On the other hand, an eyewitness, who was doing some carpentry work in the house next to the church, refutes the officers accounting of the incident by claiming that he had a clear view of the entire incident and that Mrs. Cook had rolled her window all the way up and the officer had one hand on his gun and the other on the door handle when Mrs. Cook drove off and the officer opened fire.

Either way, it still seems logical to the average person that there were many alternatives that should have been used rather than the use of excessive force. Why didn’t the officer just blow the tires out with his gun ?

Why didn’t he just use the butt of the gun to break the window if his arm was trapped in the window. To unload your gun into the car killing the driver seems to be the worst choice yet the one this officer choose to take.

Sadly this incident replays itself across the country on a daily basis. In fact, a breaking news report from MSNBC on February 16th, exposed the fact that Officer James Peters of the Scottsdale AZ police, was placed on administrative leave after he killed an unarmed John Loxas, 50, with a single rifle shot to the head.

At the time Loxas was shot he was holding his 9 month old grandchild in his arms. There were no injuries to the child when Loxas dead body let the child fall to the ground. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, MSNBC also reported that this was the 6th person Officer Peters has gunned down in the line of duty."

Goading reaction (false flags) to justify crackdowns and huge blank checks is nothing new. What is new is that it's now being done at a local level. There's no explanation at all to see the steep rise in cop brutality and killings except to realize that it's a top down decision to thoroughly anger the general public.
The manipulators have no idea what they're instigating.


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