Sunday, February 26, 2012

Covering Their Tracks

Osama Bin Laden compound being demolished in Pakistan

"Pakistan is more than half way through its demolition of the compound where US forces killed Osama Bin Laden, in the north-western city of Abbottabad.

Work began late on Saturday and bulldozers and pneumatic machinery could be heard through the night.

The al-Qaeda leader was shot dead at the compound in the garrison town on 2 May 2011. He had been hiding there for several years.

No official reason for the demolition has been given.

Residents around the three-storey compound have speculated that the authorities do not want it turned into a shrine.

But it is more likely that the demolition is part of a process by the government to put the whole embarrassing episode behind them, says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Abbottabad."

The dead-since-12/01 boogeyman and the CIA'sl Al Qaeda served their purposes since the fascists went balls to the wall on 9/11 so evidence of the propaganda stunt all has to be conveniently disappeared.

So called Bin Laden corpse conveniently thrown overboard

Seal team that "killed Bin Laden" conveniently die in Afghanistan

The convenient deaths of Kennedy assassination witnesses

Hurry up and conveniently demolish the Murrah building in Oklahoma City

Hurry up and conveniently remove the twin towers crime scene

The convenient murder of Pat Tillman


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