Saturday, March 03, 2012

We're Supposed To Swallow The Twisted Logic Of Empire's Regime Change Agenda

Hillary Clinton’s Love Affair With Syrian Terrorists

it's a swarthy thing

"The recent question that US Secretary of State had put to her at congressional hearings on Wednesday, “Are we supporting Al Qaeda in Syria?” is indeed a legitimate one. Speaking to the same audience, Mrs. Clinton made an even more stunning confession. It not yet quite clear to Washington what the Syrian opposition really is. Mrs. Clinton also admitted that the situation with the Libyan opposition one year ago was much better as the US authorities could at least meet the members of the Libyan Transitional Council and even ask them tough questions. Obviously, with the Syrian opposition the US administration has not yet been offered such a luxury.

These revelations put the American assurances that the outcome in Syria will be quite different from the Libyan one in an entirely new light – namely, that the Syrian outcome may be even worse. This may be true despite the fact that the Libyan outcome can hardly be called inspiring. A UN report from February 29, 2012 states that “former Libyan rebels, some of whom have been accused of torturing detainees, still hold about three-quarters of the people they arrested during the country’s civil war.”

So much for the “national reconciliation” and “democracy building” by the new rulers of Libya – despite all the “tough questions” that Mrs. Clinton had for them. And what can be expected from the Syrian opposition which Mrs. Clinton recently called “the representative of the Syrian people” without ANY questions asked?

“For some reason, the American administration chose as its sole partner the most radical group of the Syrian opposition, the Syrian National Council,” Alexei Pushkov, the chairman of the Russian State Duma’s international committee, said at a press conference in Moscow after his visit to Syria. “There are two other opposition groups based in Syria proper, but the West still prefers the radicals, who have reported links to Al Qaeda and do not shy away from Al Qaeda’s methods, such as suicide bombings. The US is in the same boat with Al Qaeda – this situation looks bizarre to me. ”


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