Saturday, March 03, 2012

Time To Get Real

Survival books to keep on your bookshelf in case of the apocalypse

"When the apocalypse strikes, you probably won't have access to the Internet. That means no Google, no Wikipedia, and, if you haven't prepared, no cheat sheet to help you through the tough times. Here are a few books you might want to have on hand in case the worst happens. Just remember to keep a back-up pair of glasses in your emergency kit.

This set of books doesn't assume any particular type of apocalypse — you'd need to shift your approach for an atomic apocalypse, a pandemic, or supervolcanos ripping the continents apart. You might also want more texts on specific skills like blacksmithing, toolmaking, and woodworking. But these books cover the very basics: outdoor survival, food, medical care, and shelter, with some additional homesteading information, as well as the text-based building blocks to rebuild civilization."


Anonymous Earl and Billy's Grandma on their daddy's side, Sarah Mae. said...

Them's was some pretty big volcanoes rite there in Arkansas and Missouri. Funny how only dutchsinse sees them, the people on the ground are oblivious.

Dutchsinse noticed the volcanic eruptions all up and down the west coast last summer too. He's one smart feller. Did you see? Mt. Shasta completely exploded, along with everything from suthern californy to canada. Funny how the geologists didn't notice. Oh well, I reckon their not as smart as 'ol dutch.

Dutch is the biggest fucking moron on the planet and many, many people are stupid enough to believe him.

Oh well, I guess It's good to know that there's no hope for my fellow peeps, that way I can just ignore them as they follow their charlatans and imbeciles. It's been very difficult to come to terms with this realization, but, It is what it is.

3/3/12 9:29 PM  

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