Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NBC To Let Arthur Coltrane Pimp His New Screed On The Today Show

That's Ann Coulter for the Fox addled mouthbreathers.
As the bible said, "There's No Womb At The In".

Why is NBC reportedly helping Ann Coulter again?

"Enough is enough. Even NBC-affiliated hosts and anchors have expressed disgust over some of Ann Coulter's more offensive rhetoric. It is time to hold NBC accountable. In light of both her history and the numerous condemnations of her by NBC staff, the network should reconsider reportedly providing Coulter with a platform from which to make these comments. Let NBC know what you think."

You Gotta Love The Weasel Wording

When the vile, zionist pandering MSM gets around to reporting the massacre in Gaza, if they even do, because it's New Years Eve doncha know, they know how to soft peddle the carnage. After all, they've had years of practice downplaying Israeli atrocities.
One common tactic is to ignore the victims of murderous largess by focusing on how it makes the Israelis look, or what it means for public relations, as if it isn't even news unless it impacts them or american politicians. We've got such an overwhelming sense of entitlement and primacy that we become the story as the palestinians suffer.

Gaza Likely Hillary Clinton's First Test - ABC
Israel's Gaza offensive could create headaches for Obama - Philadelphia Inquirer
Is Gaza conflict a crisis or an opportunity for Obama? - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

But when the MSM is forced to actually report about events, they'll go to extreme lengths to minimize the impact and keep from criticizing what our plucky little best buddy is actually doing.
It gets turned into a football game.

Israeli Planes Pound Gaza Targets - NPR
Israeli forces pound Gaza Strip - BBC
Israel pounds Gaza in response to 'escalation' - CNN

And of course the ziofascists want to be the only voice heard as the destruction continues, so they'll restrict journalists from getting accurate assessments of the situation, and launch a massive public relations campaign that the filthy media in america will parrot word for word. The shitty little country can do no wrong, so swallow the propaganda and go get drunk.

Real Mapwiping


Foundation Booted For Neglecting To Shove Jeebus Down Hungry Throats

Homeless Shelter Evicted After Prayer Debate

"HACKENSACK, N.J. -- A Bergen County homeless shelter is homeless itself -- again.
The First Reformed Church of Hackensack dismissed the FAITH Foundation in a dispute over rules at its Christmas dinner for about 100 homeless people last week.
Church officials say they wanted a sermon and carols before dinner was fed. But shelter director Robin Reilly started serving food first, saying some patrons hadn't eaten for 24 hours.
Ms. Reilly says she'll try to find a new place to help the homeless. She's storing the group's supplies at another church for now."

Now We Know Why Barney Ran Away


USA Number One In The Freedom To Eat Dog Food

And don't forget, there is a sizable percentage of elderly in this state who'll do just that before they go beg for government relief.

10 % of Floridians are on food stamps

"MIAMI — Unemployed and strapped for cash, Floridians are asking for state assistance to feed their families in record numbers.
In the last two years, the number of Floridians on food stamps has increased more than 40 percent to 1.7 million. That increase is the highest in the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And it's the second-largest jump in the state's history, surpassed only during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, said an analyst at the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington-based think tank.

Almost one in 10 Floridians is now on food stamps, and state managers say many more qualify."

$7,000,000 A Day In Foreign Aid To Israel

That we know of.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NFL Encourages Snitches, Behavior Modification

Dolphin Fan: "That Buffalo fan over there looks muslim and probably is smoking pot!"

A security tool or the 'rat line'? NFL targeting the unruly fan

Home Prices Drop For Staggering 27 Months In A Row

Home prices post record 18% drop

"Home prices posted another record decline in October, falling 18% compared with a year earlier, according to a closely watched report released Tuesday.
The 20-city S&P Case-Shiller index has posted losses for a staggering 27 months in a row. In October, 14 of the 20 cities set fresh price decline records."

About a year ago I had a conversation with the Mrs about what the coming economic collapse would look like. I believe I was right in thinking that institutions would soldier on as if nothing bad was happening, the paperwork would be churned out, with banks pretending to be solvent and phony smiles would be the order of the day.

Home prices have tanked but the shell of a failed financial system lives on like fingernails growing on a corpse. I've been checking out housing throughout the SW and I'm here to tell you the scumbags and parasites are loathe to give up the free ride they've had for the last bunch of years. Sale and rent prices are hallucinagenic. We're in uncharted territory and it's only a matter of speculation when reality will set in.

Professional Kennedy, Um, You Know, Seeks High Office

Monday, December 29, 2008

Along With Mosques, Refugee Camps And Homes

The university the Israelis bombed.

Humanitarian Relief Ship Attacked By Israelis

Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is onboard.

Israeli Navy Attacking Civilian Mercy Ship

"The Dignity, a Free Gaza boat on a mission of mercy to besieged Gaza, is being attacked by the Israeli Navy in international waters. The Dignity has been surrounded by at least half-a-dozen Israeli warships. They are firing live ammunition around the Dignity, and one of the warships has rammed the civilian craft causing an unknown amount of damage. Contrary to international maritime law, the Israelis are actively preventing the Dignity from approaching Gaza or finding safe haven in either Egypt or Lebanon. Instead, the Israeli navy is demanding that the Dignity return to Cyprus - despite the fact that the ship does not carry enough fuel to do so. Fortunately, no one aboard the ship has yet been seriously injured.

There are 15 civilian passengers representing 11 different countries. At approximately 5am (UST), well out in international waters, Israeli warships began surrounding the Dignity, threatening the ship. At 6:45am (UST) we were able to establish brief contact with the crew and were told that the ship had been rammed by the Israeli Navy in international waters, and that the Israelis were preventing the ship from finding safe harbor. We heard heavy gunfire in the background before all contact was lost with the Dignity."

Limp Dick Liberals Silent During Gaza Atrocities

Funny how Israel gets away with mass murder.

"Liberal White Boy hereby inducts the following alleged liberal bloggers into the Limp Dick Liberal Hall of Fame. They were selected for their absolute fealty (lack of reasonable coverage or criticism) to Apartheid Israel in spite of the hideous atrocities committed against the Palestinian people this week end and over the last 60 years.

Arianna Huffington...Huffington Post (honorary limp dick)
All Talk Left
Ken In New York...Down With Tyranny...Except In Israel
John Aravosis...AmericaBlog Leftcoaster

There are of course many others deserving of this honor, but after wading through the utter bull shit of the above, I could stomach no more. These folks are not liberal they are fraudsters. Perhaps some of you could make some recomendations.Be sure to send these folks your congratulations."

(Add the DU)

And, of course the fascists, this torture and death "administration", wholeheartedly endorses arab slaughter.

Bush Refuses To Interrupt His Final Vacation As Middle East Crisis Escalates

"Since departing Washington for Crawford on Friday, President Bush has made no attempt to be seen in public. In fact, he has yet to leave his ranch."

US veto blocks UN anti-Israel resolution

IAF uses new US-supplied smart bomb

Iranian Jews Slam Israel Over Gaza

What, there are actually jews in Iran?

Supposedly the Iranians are antisemitic, and want to "wipe Israel off the map". Why aren't they all exiled, or dead?

"Iranian Jews express their solidarity with the Palestinians and the victims of the tragic incidents of Gaza. Iranian Jews Society has condemned Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza which have so far killed over 281 people in two consecutive days.
The Israelis showed that they do not abide by any civil and human laws, the society said in a statement released on Sunday. (...)

Head of Jewish societies of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kermanshah and Yazd have undersigned the statement."

It's because we've been fed a steady stream of lies about Iran, Israel and judaism. It's because Israel is a repugnant, shitty little terrorist state, a zionist state, not a jewish state, and jews worldwide know this. Another sentence from the jews happily living in Iran:

"The Iranian Jews reaffirm that the inhuman behavior of the Zionist regime contradicts the religious teachings of Prophet Moses (PBUH)."

As further proof that filthy Israeli policies are held in contempt, look no further than a small tidbit of news from the middle of last year.

Iran's Jews spurn cash lure to emigrate to Israel

"Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in the face of cash offers aimed at encouraging them to move to Israel, the arch-enemy of its Islamic rulers.
The incentives - ranging from £5,000 a person to £30,000 for families - were offered from a special fund established by wealthy expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel among Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with Israel's official blessing and were additional to the usual state packages it provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora.
However, the Society of Iranian Jews dismissed them as "immature political enticements" and said their national identity was not for sale.
"The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money," the society said in a statement."


Xmas Fun In Sweden

"A giant straw goat erected each Christmas in eastern Sweden was set on fire on Saturday in a violent tradition of vandalism during the festive season that has spanned four decades.
Each year the people of Gavle build a 43-foot-tall straw goat, a traditional Scandinavian symbol of Christmas. But since the yuletide tradition began in the central Swedish city of Gavle in 1966, it has also drawn vandals, who have torched the animal 23 times since it was first set up to mark the holiday season. While the 2007 goat made it through the Christmas period intact, in other years it has been smashed, run over by a car and had its legs cut off.
Vandals are rarely caught, but in 2001, a 51-year-old American tourist spent 18 days in jail after he was convicted of setting fire to the structure.
In 2005, the goat was burned down by two arsonists dressed as Father Christmas and the Gingerbread Man. They were never caught."

Yellowstone Caldera Changing Vacation Plans

Dealerships Find Ingenious Way To Cope With Collapsing Economy

Mission Insurance

The occupiers need continued chaos to justify occupation.

U.S. will give free weapons to Afghan civilians

"One way to quell a violent and deteriorating situation, according to the U.S. military, is to flood the place with guns."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Plunger Needed As Pipes Fill With Bushista Crap

Bush Data Threatens to Overload Archives

"The National Archives has put into effect an emergency plan to handle electronic records from the Bush White House amid growing doubts about whether its new $144 million computer system can cope with the vast quantities of digital data it will receive when President Bush leaves office on Jan. 20.
The technical challenge was an inevitable result of the explosion in cybercommunications, which will make the electronic record of the Bush years about 50 times as large as that left by the Clinton White House in 2001, archives officials estimate. The collection will include top-secret e-mail tracing plans for the Iraq war as well as scenes from the likes of Barney Cam 2008, a White House video featuring the first pet."

Of Course Eva Braun Applauds The Slaughter

Pelosi: US must stand strongly with Israel

"Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi issued a statement concerning the Israeli operation in Gaza in which she wrote that "When Israel is attacked, the United States must continue to stand strongly with its friend and democratic ally."

Suicide Bomber Proves Ziofascists Behind Past Explosions

Suicide bomber hits Iraqi Gaza protest

"BAGHDAD (AP) — A suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up Sunday amid a crowd of demonstrators in northern Iraq who were protesting Israel's airstrikes on Gaza, killing one demonstrator and wounding 16 others, Iraqi police said.
The bomber rode his bicycle into the demonstration of about 1,300 people in the center of the northern city of Mosul, said a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak with news media.
The demonstration was organized by the Sunni Iraqi Islamic Party. The party's Mosul spokesman, Yahiya Abid Mahjoub, complained that police and the Iraqi army had not taken security precautions for the demonstration.
There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack, the officer said.
"The ones who targeted our brothers in Gaza are the same who targeted us in Mosul today. They are agents of Israel," Mahjoub said."

Indeed they're one and the same, and have been responsible for most of the mass murder for sectarian hatred for years since the US invaded in 2003. The ziofascist agenda was to divide and conquer by fomenting hatred between Sunni and Shiia.
Think about it. Who benefits from blowing up innocent people? Certainly not the patsies blamed for the murder. But the american occupiers and their Israeli brethren benefit by directing arab hatred against each other instead of at the occupation. In this case the fascists were a little too obvious in their bloodlust, even if the Shiia get blamed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

So's Yer Spelling

Sign outside of Hope, Arizona


Blaming The Victim Yet Again

While the ziofascists play the victim yet again, keeping the palestinians in a stranglehold in the world's largest concentration camp and shooting them like fish in a barrel. The US will probably send the Israelis cluster bombs to rain down on Gaza if asked, just like during the war crime spree in Lebanon.

World recoils at Gaza bloodshed, US backs Israel

"The United States holds Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire; we want the ceasefire restored."

Obama on Gaza: ‘No Comment’

More Observations While Traveling About The West

For the last couple of days we've had extremely poor internet communication and were stuck in a very crappy environment. I had nothing much to do so I reminesced about travel around the american west. It was a lot of fun for me to do, this is all from memory except for a few place names I asked my wife about,; I did this, was there, saw, or experienced everything.

. Traveling around in the US is different than in other countries from what I've heard. In Europethere are systems set up to facilitate ease of travel and it's far more accepted and normal than in this country. At times on the road I feel like a pinata that unscrupulous bastards can come along and beat on for loose change.

. Take the tram wherever you find one.

. In Tuba City, AZ one time, we were the only whites in a supermarket filled with Indians. Not once have I ever felt uncomfortable on the res.

. At Big Bend NP you can camp a mile up in the mountains. In Texas.

. One thing I want to do someday - take a week to paddle through the scablands on the upper Missouri in Montana.

. You can see the highest point in North America (Mt Whitney) and the lowest point (Badwater) from the same vantage point in Death Valley (Dante's View).

. Firefighting at the Department of Agriculture, at least 25 years ago in Wyoming, was party time for the bureaucrats. Don't know about now but that was when every little flame was the enemy and the government gave out blank checks.

. Climbing Mount St. Helens was the single hardest thing I've ever done. Ran out of water on the way up. Bring at least a gallon. More if it's warm.

. I intend to bag some fourteeners in CO this summer. REI is my friend.

. Be very careful about renting jeeps to go 4 wheeling around Moab. The companies there are too lax about maintenance and some vehicles are flat out dangerous. Make sure the tank is topped off before you set out - One outfit used my rental to commute before they gave it to me. And they have to be full on return.

. If you do some off road exploring in Canyonlands, be sure to go down Schaefer Canyon. Your gut will be wrenched.

. Deer flies at Yellowstone are ferocious in June. My wife and I were so busy swatting them we almost stepped into a boiling fumerole.

. There isn't any place in the world that has more balanced rocks than Chiracahua National Monument.

. Whether or not you get seasick, take some dramamine before you go charter fishing off the coast of Oregon.

. The NPS started to institute a shuttle bus service in some parks several years ago, a wonderful way to get around for free. Park at the visitor center and they show up there and at all popular attractions every 15 minutes. In Zion put your bike on a rack and get off at the top of the valley. Going down will be the finest ride you will ever take.
Or take the shuttle to the top in Bryce and hike the rim above the hoodoos.

. Any photograph taken at Glacier Point in Yosemite will be award winning.

. The first time my wife and I used our new inflatable kayak we naively went through Martin's rapids on the McKenzie in Oregon.

. A lot of lesser known places in the US stagger the imagination and aren't necessarily designated parks or monuments.

. Never, ever drink water straight from the Green river. I woke up parched in my van after a big night in Jackson Hole and thought alka seltzer would kill the little beasties. It didn't.

. If you can afford it, take the plane tour from the Moab airport over Canyonlands. Worth every penny. But don't take overflights in helicopters, the windows are too small.

. The Puget Sound side of the Olympic Peninsula all the way around the north side is much more inviting than the logged off west coast.

. Extreme up and down old mining towns like Jerome and Bisbee, AZ, and Ouray, CO are fascinating. Sometimes people fall through sidewalks into shafts.

. If you float the Colorado make absolutely sure you lather your face with protection. We paddled 16 miles but the wind was against us and it took a while. My upper lip blistered and I couldn't shave. Have a mustache to this day.

. As you plan a trip to any southern CA park, be sure not to go during any large school's spring recess.

. I don't like jet boats but had grudging respect for the operators in Hell's Canyon and how they fit into the river system.

. Don't bother trying to take pictures down in Carlsbad Caverns, even Ansel Adams thought he didn't do well.

. The Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY is the finest museum west of the Mississippi. Actually it's 5 museums in 1 with the biggest gun collection you're likely to see and original Catlin, Remington and Russell works of art. You can literally spend days there and not see everything. Go. You will not be disappointed.

. You really shouldn't skydive at the airport in Albany, OR. We watched a hotdogging instructor land hard and get carted to the hospital.

. Going into the Cabelas store in Sydney, Nebraska was like kids walking into a candy shop. We dropped some serious dough there but don't expect any free camping at the campground if you do.

. Texans must never have to pee while driving. None of the rest stops have bathrooms.

. The Valley of the Gods is a miniature Monument Valley just to the north but is every bit as nice, you don't need an indian guide, is free and has plenty of places to camp. For free.

. The Sleeping Ute Mt. outside of Cortez, CO looks like, well, an indian on his back. You can see this for 50 miles in any direction and legend has it that he'll awaken just in time to defeat the bad guys in the final battle of good and evil.

. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is far nicer, a lot cooler and has fewer crowds than the South Rim. It's also somewhat higher so you can look across and see the desert plain abruptly plunge into the big ditch. I haven't been to that new Navajo structure where you can walk out over a 4000 foot drop on glass, but at the north rim there's an observation platform on a natural brige that juts way out over lots of air.

. The "campground" at Guadalupe Mts. NP is a parking lot.

. Pigus Americanus types have shot all the saguaros to hell next to highway 8 leading into Yuma, which, coincidently, is one shithole of a city.

. It used to be called Jackson's Hole but the name was changed to protect innocent ears. The Grand Tetons, or the Big Tits, was kept because it wasn't in english. Jackson, by the way, is a fine town to visit to have a beer at the Cowboy, but leave before you're picked clean. The place is beyond expensive.

. Take the narrow gauge steam train out of Durango up into the San Juans, it's a blast. The Jimmy Stewart and Robert Ryan movie "The Naked Spur" was partly filmed along the Animas river.

. Lake Havasu is hellaciously hot. We were going to run the Colorado through the wildlife refuge there in May but the temps got up to 116, hottest I ever experienced.

. The four best places we found to look for Navajo rugs are Hubbell Trading Post, Thunderbird Lodge at Canyon de Chelly, Cameron Trading Post especially and Notah Dineh in Cortez.

. Three Island Crossing on the Snake in Idaho was the best birding spot I ever saw. Darkest skies were at Steens Mt, OR.

. In early spring the hummingbird moths hatch in Zion NP. They are actually bigger than some little hummers and feed exactly the same way.

. Several years ago we almost died. I had new wheels put on my truck but the kid forgot to air tighten the rear driver lugs, which came off the next day. When replacing the wheel they told me the lug bolts were fine. They were damaged. Later we were coming down out of Estes Park at 70 MPH and I noticed some thumping. When we got to Boulder that wheel came off at 30 MPH, took out the rear quarter panel and ripped out the flooring of the trailer. If it had seperated at 70 it would have been certain death.
Moral - periodically tighten all lugs, especially the driver side which tend to come loose because of the rotation.

. City of Rocks State Park in NM has thousand ton boulders plopped down in the desert like some giant dumped them there. You can camp in the middle of them. And there are showers.

. 35 years ago I took the inland ferry up to Haines, AK and hitched around. I got as far as Tok, which used to be Tokyo until WW2.

. The untexted image Death Valley chose to admonish you not to feed the coyotes looks exactly like "don't let a coyote throw up in your hand".

. Canyon De Chelly NM has free camping and sometimes the Navajos have drum ceremonies into the evening. Pronounced Canyon de Shay.

. Some of the finest fly fishing in america is a 50 mile float on the Deschutes in Oregon from Madras to Maupin. In the spring, during the salmon fly hatch, big, strong redsides take your dries with such ferocity it'll give you a heart attack.

. Most people enjoy the towering sandstone formations as they drive through the sliver of Capitol Reef on the highway and maybe stop at the visitor's center, then drive on. Which is a shame because the park extends for miles both north and south and shouldn't be missed. Any high clearance vehicle will navigate the dirt roads but avoid fording the Fremont to the north when it's big.
Bonus - the orchards around the campground are free for the picking in season.
Double bonus - climb the mesa opposite the campground for incomporable views.

. Buffalo jumps in Montana are strangely fascinating.

. There are hobos and homeless living on Mt. Shasta. They joined us when we set up our telescopes on an astronomy trip. We had fun showing them views, they were good people and none of our expensive equipment disappeared.

. Something always happens when passing through Rachael, Nevada. One time there was a UFO convention. Another time there were sonic booms and writing in the sky.

. If you stop at a Hopi mesa for traditional food it's surprisingly bland.

. Forget Canada unless you like your vehicle and maybe your rectum searched.

. Ptarmigan at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic NP are quite tame. Chipmunks at Collier SP in Oregon will fight each other to climb all over you. Bunnies at Hovenweep NM in CO beg you for water. Bison and elk have the right of way in Yellowstone. You can feed immense ravens at Bryce, but feeding animals is a no no just about everywhere. I disagree about the reasons. Aside from bears who pose a threat I think most critters are opportunists who don't lose their natural habits.
One of my favorite experiences was to have grey jays in the Cascades launch themselves from treetops hundreds of feet up a hillside and swoop down to land on me like falconry when I waved pieces of bread.

. That "lonliest telephone booth in the world" isn't there in CA any more. I looked.

. Everything Texan is exceptional according to Texans.

. Those round structures at homes on the Navajo res are hogans where people purify themselves.

. Bicyclists swarm to Moab in March and April because the slickrock and the urge to merge.

. One time I came across a newborn fawn while fighting a forest fire in Idaho. They really do stay absolutely still, relying on their spots as camoflage. It's little nose twitched, however.

. Valley of Fire NM outside of Vegas is no place to visit when it's hot. The twisted shapes of the rock formations start to resemble animals at dusk.

. Security is the tightest I've ever seen at Glen Canyon Dam.

. It's alleged that operatives set the 2003 B&B devestating forest fire in the Cascades so Bush would have a dramatic backdrop when calling for more clearcutting on a trip to Redmond.

. The 1000 year old buildings at Chaco in New Mexico are all aligned astronomically.

. Don't count on getting into Yosemite from the east entrance at Lee Vining until at least June, sometimes July. But it's far more scenic and better than from the Central Valley in the west.

. Mount Rainier NP is least crowded and at it's best just before the weather turns in October. It's like the park is holding it's breath and the colors are magical.

. October is tarantuula mating season and males come out and start to crawl.

. A replica Stonehenge sits at Maryhill on the Washington side of the Columbia gorge, a memorial to the soldiers of WW1.

. The first JC Penney was in Kemmerer, WY. I bought a pair of pants there once, but it's closed now.

. A fun drive is through the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, CA. You'd be surprised how many movies were filmed there. Once you see the boulders with the Sierras as a backdrop, you'll instantly recognize the place when you see it on film.

. Louseworts in Yellowstone are called elephant head flowers because, well, they look like tiny elephant heads complete with trunks and ears. Macro shots are amazing.

. Navajos refuse to open casinos.

. The giant radio telescopes at the Vast Array in New Mexico all sit on train cars on tracks. The astronomers at Pine Mountain Observatory near Bend, OR let us sleep in their barrack beds after a star party one autumn.

. I climbed Angel's Landing in Zion last year, yikes. Google "Walter's Wiggles".

. When the marine mammal protection act was passed decades ago, sea lions proliferated and casual fishing along the coast of Oregon collapsed. You used to have to stop fishing back in the 70s because you'd catch too many fish to carry back in off the rocks. The first species to disappear were the slow flounders, then the sea bass and cod. Now the sea lions are collapsing docks in Newport.

. The best hike to take for the best picture at Arches is early morning out to Landscape Arch. Or some say in the afternoon to Delicate Arch, which is on the Utah license plate. So Delicate is more famous and much more crowded. Landscape is in reality far more delicate than Delicate arch. It's about the length of a football field and very thin in spots.

. Tour guides proudly show off bullet holes in the walls at the Bird Cage Saloon in Tombstone.

. Some out of the way places are really worth the trouble to get to, like Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico, especially when you consider the journey is just as valuable as the destination.

. There's a naval base in Nevada at Walker Lake near Hawthorne. On the way you see uncounted numbers of what are probably ammo bunkers dotting the plain.

. Lake Missoula was backed up by an ice dam some 12,000 years ago at the end of the ice age. It was something like 2000 feet deep and the size of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario combined. When the dam busted a torrent with the force of 60 Amazon rivers scoured eastern Washington and the Columbia Gorge, creating scablands which you can see today. It happened many times.

. And never stay at any trailer park in the southwest with "resort" in the name. Translation : we are crotchety old farts who haven't got a clue what WIFI means.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Internet Rules Print Media, TV Next Victim

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers: survey

"The Internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source for national and international news for Americans, according to a new survey.
Television, however, remains the preferred medium for Americans, according to the survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.
Seventy percent of the 1,489 people surveyed by Pew said television is their primary source for national and international news.
Forty percent said they get most of their news from the Internet, up from 24 percent in September 2007, and more than the 35 percent who cited newspapers as their main news source.
Only 59 percent of people younger than 30 years old prefer television, Pew said, down from 68 percent in the September 2007 survey.
The latest survey was conducted December 3-7 and released on Tuesday. Pew did not provide the margin of error. "

Ahmadinejad Tells The Truth Again, Howls Ensue

Iranian president takes a shot at the West in a Christmas message

"Reporting from Beirut -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wishes the world a merry Christmas, even though he thinks much of it is in crisis because the West's "bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist" leaders have strayed far from Jesus' path. In a recorded message to air Christmas Day on Britain's Channel 4, Ahmadinejad praises Christianity but goes on to say that if Jesus returned to Earth, "he would fight against the tyrannical policies of prevailing global economic and political systems."

Some Observations While Traveling About The West

1. Highways and roads have deteriorated over the years to the point where we're now living in a third world country. Some really bad stretches - Mt. Shasta area, east of Boise on route 84 and highway 160 south of Cortez, CO.

2. Wash your hands very frequently. Disinfectant wipes help.

3. Some states are extemely traveler friendly. Some aren't. Nevada has long stretches of lonely highway and placed inviting rest stops for weary motorists. You can pull over and sleep in any of these in your rig. California considers that a criminal offense, especially in populated areas.Someday I'm going to write a book titled "Gravel Pit Camping".

4. On the border near Columbus, NM, illegal immigrants have built a series of rock cairns along route 9. No one I talked to knows why. It could be some form of communication.

5. Some stretches of highway should be avoided at all costs because of insane traffic. I will never drive the Central Valley in California again.You should go out of your way to drive other roads. Going-to-the-Sun in Glacier NP comes to mind, also route 12 through Utah's Escalante is a must if you like up and down scenery a few inches from your tires. There's a sign at a rest stop there that says "Take a Deep Breath".

6. Coming into Salt Lake City from the west on I80, for miles hundreds of aspiring artists scrape designs in the mud. Some of these are very elaborate and creative, using rocks.

7. Annual National Park passes are now $80, still a bargain.

8. Don't be suckered by claims of free WIFI while traveling. From my experience 75% of places from coffee shops to campgrounds use cheap crap equipment that wastes your time.

9. Everyone, at some point in their lives, should visit southern Utah, a unique and hallucigenically astounding territory so achingly beautiful it will change you forever.

10. At Devil's Tower they play a continuous loop of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

11. Prices vary wildly for everything all over the west. Some places are so pricey I don't know how people can live. Probably on credit cards. The Albuquerque area was the most inexpensive by far.

12. Tombstone is schizophrenic.

13. "Border" checkpoints on highways are popping up everywhere. They have nothing to do with illegals, but everything to do with intimidation and getting americans used to being stopped and questioned.

14. The government trend is to micromanage your activities at parks and monuments. More and more you're restricted in what you can do and where you can go. I call it the Mesa Verde treatment because at that place all you can do is walk on paved paths or get herded around in tour groups. You cannot go off on your own. There are still wide open spaces to roam free and experience things your way like Canyonlands and the amazing Chaco Canyon, but the handwriting is on the wall to keep us boxed up, at least at the more visited parks.Their intention is for us to go to our special places, gawk and take pictures, and of course spend money at their trinket shops.

15. Skip Mount Rushmore.

16. Over and over again you'll find more foreigners than americans enjoying travel around the west.

17. If you can swing it, go to one of the many scenic smaller monuments for as long as you can. Get away from people, bring hiking boots, a chair to watch the sunset and soak in the starry sky.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis The Season For Taking

Increased Shoplifting Reported

"Cahill said shoplifting has increased nearly 60 percent from mid-September through mid-December compared with the same period in 2007.
Consider it another sign of the times.
“There are the pressures of the holidays that always drive up theft,” Cahill said. “But the economic downturn has increased the temptation to steal.
“But it’s not for gift-giving. Now a lot is things for personal use.”

Musicians: Leave Us Out Of Your Torture Sessions

Rockers to Press Obama on Music Torture

"Reprieve, a British human rights law group that represents over 30 Guantanamo Bay detainees, is planning to work with musicians to lobby President-elect Barack Obama to end the practice of sonic torture by military interrogators.
Earlier this month, Reprieve and the U.K. Musicians Union launched Zero dB, a "silent protest" over the use of music in interrogations. According to Reprieve, many of its clients have been subjected to hours of music played at deafening volume -- sometime for days or even weeks on end. And the BBC has reported on a particularly insidious practice: using the theme songs from theme songs to Sesame Street and Barney to break the will of prisoners."

"If we need that extra push over the cliff..."

Funny What The Torturer Thinks Of When Asked About His Highest Moment

There's something strange going on here with Cheney all over the media granting interviews. On ABC a few days ago he admitted authorizing torture and here he is on FAUX getting a hard on about how 9/11 enabled his mob to drag the country into fascism.

But all the scumbags from the last eight years have absolutely no reason to fear their crimes will be punished. The ostensibly incoming administration has no intention of pursuing justice, and if there are any muted bleatings from spineless democrats to do so, Bush will hand out pardons to the perps like candy.

But back to this walking sewage and his initial reaction to Wallace's question. Cheney did change the question around to that of importance but would anyone but a sociopath immediately think of mass murder as "the highest point" in a career? Of course if you helped to arrange 9/11 and immediately reaped the benefits of murderous crimes with all the immense riches that followed, you'd think it was the high point in your stint as vice president too.

Selling The Meat Grinder Takes It's Toll

4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe

"HENDERSON, Texas — Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Henderson, a strapping Iraq combat veteran, spent the last, miserable months of his life as an Army recruiter, cold-calling dozens of people a day from his strip-mall office and sitting in strangers’ living rooms, trying to sign up their sons and daughters for an unpopular war.
He put in 13-hour days, six days a week, often encountering abuse from young people or their parents. When he and other recruiters would gripe about the pressure to meet their quotas, their superiors would snarl that they ought to be grateful they were not in Iraq, according to his widow.
Less than a year into the job, Henderson — afflicted by flashbacks and sleeplessness after his tour of battle in Iraq — went into his backyard shed, slid the chain lock in place, and hanged himself with a dog chain

Monday, December 22, 2008

When Refs Attack

Shoe Pitcher Burned With Cigarettes Until Contrite

Bush shoe-thrower tortured into writing letter of apology

"The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush was tortured into writing a letter of apology, his brother said today.
Muntazer al-Zaidi was wrestled to the ground after throwing his shoes during a news conference held by the US president and the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, on 14 December.
The investigating judge in the case said last week that Zaidi, who will stand trial on 31 December, was beaten around the face and eyes. Zaidi's brother, Uday, said the journalist suffered worse injuries, including a missing tooth and cigarette burns to his ears, and would sue."

Fuck The Banks

Refuse to send any more money to these snakes. I have. Piss on them.

Banks unable or unwilling to disclose how they're spending billions in aid

"It's something any bank would demand to know before handing out a loan: Where's the money going?
But after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation's largest banks say they can't track exactly how they're spending the money or they simply refuse to discuss it.
"We've lent some of it. We've not lent some of it. We've not given any accounting of, 'Here's how we're doing it,'" said Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in emergency bailout money. "We have not disclosed that to the public. We're declining to."

Israel Should Be Expelled From The UN

And treated as the racist, warmongering pariah state it is

"The Gaza Strip is now the largest concentration camp in the world. The situation grows steadily more insufferable for the 1.5 million Palestinians who live there. Deliveries of food, medicine and fuel are made difficult or stopped altogether. Child malnutrition is increasing. Water supplies and drainage have ceased to function. Children die for lack of healthcare. Tunnels to Egypt, dug by hand, are the only breathing space. Journalists and diplomats are denied entry. Israel is planning more military efforts. The Palestinians in Gaza are now to be starved into surrender and become an Egyptian problem. (...)

Not once, during the past 60 years, has Israel shown any intention of living up to the requirements stipulated by the UN, in connection with the country’s membership in 1948, namely that the Palestinians who had been evicted from their homes should be allowed to return at the earliest possible opportunity. Moreover, Israel holds the hardly flattering world record of ignoring UN resolutions."

Israel Launches Global PR Campaign Ahead of Gaza Invasion

"Tonight it is being reported that Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has instructed diplomats across the globe to launch what is being described as a “PR blitz” to shore up international support for an Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip."

The ziofascists want to sell their upcoming invasion of Gaza to the world, branding themselves as victims per usual. But they won't begin their campaign until some large "event" happens that will be a convenient distaction for the world. Perhaps this is what the tensions between Pakistan and India are all about.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Overlords Must Know Something We Don't

Some Strange Sex Laws

1. In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death.
2. In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is prohibited from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.
3. Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also applies to undertakers; the sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or piece of wood at all times.
4. The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation.
5. There are men in Guam whose full time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege of having sex for the first time…Reason: under Guam law, it is expressly forbidden for virgins to marry.
6. In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband’s lover, on the other hand, may be killed in any manner desired.
7. Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical fish stores.
8. In Cali, Colombia, a woman may only have sex with her husband, and the first time this happens, her mother must be in the room to witness the act.
9. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
10. In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines with one exception: prophylactics may be dispensed from a vending machine only “in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises.”

Whoa bucko - even more!

1. Oral sex is illegal in 18 states, including Arizona.
2. In Virginia, it is illegal to have sex with the lights on.
3. It is illegal for husbands in Willowdale, Oregon, to talk dirty during intercourse.
4. Sexual intercourse between unmarried couples is illegal in Georgia.
5. Engaging in any sexual position other than missionary is illegal in Washington, DC.
6. In Connorsville, Wisconsin, it is illegal for a man to shoot off a gun when his female partner is having an orgasm.
7. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth.
8. Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal in Florida.
9. It is illegal in Utah to marry your first cousin before the age of 65.
10. Sex with animals is perfectly legal for men in Washington state, as long as the animal weighs less than 40 pounds.

Epidemic Of Convenient Deaths

Top banker found hanged in hotel room

"A top HSBC banker has been found hanged in the room of a five-star hotel, police said tonight.
Scotland Yard said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Danish-born Christen Schnor, 49, who was found at around 2.40pm on Wednesday at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, west London.
The Mail on Sunday reported Mr Schnor, who leaves a wife and two children, was found hanging by a belt, naked in a closet in his room."

The suspicious, disturbing death of election rigger Michael Connell

"Michael Connell, the crucial techno- lynch pin in the theft of the 2004 election, and much more, is dead at the age of 45. His unnatural, suspicious death raises serious questions about the corruption of the American electoral process that now may never be answered."

added 12/22 - Police: Joplin mortgage banker committed suicide

She,um, stabbed herself repeatedly with a small kitchen knife.

added 12/23 - Head of Fund Invested in Madoff Is Found Dead

"Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, a founder of the hedge fund Access International Advisors, was found dead Tuesday in his office in Manhattan. His fund reportedly lost as much as $1.4 billion that had been invested with Bernard L. Madoff, the money manager accused of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme."

"When security opened the door Tuesday morning, they found Mr. de la Villehuchet, with cuts to his arm, wrist and his bicep apparently made with a box cutter. No suicide note was found, and while pills were present, it is unknown if Mr. de la Villehuchet had ingested them."

Didn't any of these people own guns?

Your Tax Dollars To Israel At Work

Israeli blockade forces Palestinians to search rubbish dumps for food

"Impoverished Palestinians on the Gaza Strip are being forced to scavenge for food on rubbish dumps to survive as Israel's economic blockade risks causing irreversible damage, according to international observers."


US Congress approves Israel aid increase - June/2008

"The US Congress has approved a 170 million dollar increase in security assistance to Israel as part of its new 10-year, 30 billion dollar defense aid commitment to the Jewish state."

Those "Somali Pirates" Are A Force To Contend With

India to deploy aircraft against pirates: report

China confirms its navy will fight Somali pirates

EU begins anti-piracy mission off Somali coast

Russian patrol ship Neustrashimy escorting eight vessels off Horn of Africa

German parliament OKs anti-piracy mission off Somalia

Iran's warship arrives in Somalia waters to fight pirates

Now, it's well known throughout the middle east that Israel is behind most acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, even if brain dead americans don't know it. The sophisticated pirate operations scream intelligence and massive state support. Israel wants a Red Sea presence while they force shipping to detour away from arab controlled waters. In my opinion this is the reason that the US has refused to step up missions against the brigands, seeing as it's good little buddy is the perpetrator. But of course the US military will help the zionists in another way, by making sure no cohesive government will ever exist in Somalia, to allow Israel free rein to pull off it's stunts.

The ever reliable Sorcha Faal at WhatDoesItMean has a whole different take on the Horn of Africa, however. She contends that there's a war going on, but the combatants aren't who you might think:

"But what has caught our attention today, to put it mildly, is a combined Russian Interior Ministry-FSB report circulating in the Kremlin today that states that our World’s Navies are about engage in ‘unprecedented’ hostilities with the ‘giant founders’ of the ancient Biblical Garden of Eden to prevent our Planet from being re-colonized by an alien race most popularly known as the Annunaki (or "Nephilim") who ancient Babylonian texts state are the ‘Watchers’ over our Earth.
What makes this report even more disturbing is that as these very words are being written, Naval Forces from all around the Globe are now converging upon The Gulf of Aden, the area historically described as is “
the freshwater river that left Eden and split into four heads of branches, based upon archaic notions of a great river encircling the world” and which is the exact location given by these ancient Babylonian texts for the location of the ‘main undersea base’ of these Watchers. "

The website contends that fighting pirates is merely a cover story of epic proportions as countries gear up to battle the Ancient Ones. What's intriguing is that a couple of news events corroborate this. The newest round of undersea cable sabotage is sure a curious thing to happen at this time and I don't see the cuts being blamed on ships' anchors again.

Also this - the website points out that according to the Baltic Exchange Dry Index, worldwide shipping is grinding to a complete halt as countries prohibit trade as the crisis deepens.


This shipping crash could be the worldwide economy imploding, but something's going on and it seems to be centered around the Horn of Africa.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hypocritical Pastor Wants To Spill The Beans

Meth freak and monkey-sex-with-male-prostitutes addict will appear in a documentary next month.

Ted Haggard HBO Documentary: Disgraced Evangelical Will Promote Film, Admit Struggles With Sexuality

"The Trials of Ted Haggard," directed by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is set to air Jan. 29 on HBO. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Haggard has agreed to promote the documentary.
Haggard moved his family to Arizona after the scandal and also lived in Texas. He re-emerged last month at a rural Illinois church, where he delivered guest sermons and said he was sexually abused as a second-grader.
He now sells insurance and, in the documentary, says he isn't successful.
"At this stage in my life, I am a loser," he says

Targeted Heel The Sole Reason For Increased Sales

"The shoe hurled at President George W. Bush has sent sales soaring at the Turkish maker as orders pour in from Iraq, the U.S. and Iran... The brown, thick-soled 'Model 271' may soon be renamed 'The Bush Shoe' or 'Bye-Bye Bush,' Ramazan Baydan, who owns the Istanbul-based producer Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic., told Bloomberg News in this story.

"Baydan has received orders for 300,000 pairs of the shoes since the attack, more than four times the number his company sold each year since the model was introduced in 1999. The company plans to employ 100 more staff to meet demand, he said...'We’ve been selling these shoes for years but, thanks to Bush, orders are flying in like crazy,' " Baydan said. " 'We’ve even hired an agency to look at television advertising."

Resistance icons had to be done away with, take a look at the reason why.

"Security agents destroyed the shoes thrown at US President George W. Bush by an Iraqi journalist during checks to ensure they did not contain explosives, the investigating judge said on Thursday.
"The shoes were examined by the Iraqi and American security services and then destroyed," the judge told AFP

Only Obedient Slaves Sans Backpacks Allowed

Inaugural security: leave chairs, strollers home

"No strollers near the Capitol. No tents on the National Mall. None of that Silly String on the parade route.
That's just a sample of the items forbidden from President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration for security reasons. And while many people say the inconvenience is a small price to pay to witness the swearing-in of the nation's first black president, others are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how they will sit, snack, carry diapers or transport tired tots.
Some older people are backing out of their inaugural plans, partly because of a no-chair rule for the parade route. Parenting blogs are abuzz with complaints about the less-than-kid-friendly restrictions. Thermoses, coolers and backpacks are out at both the Capitol and the parade route

Onlookers will soon be strip searched and quizzed about attitudes, medicated, chipped and handed their little american flags made in China.

They Couldn't Give A Shit How It Looks

They've given up about what people think. Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened has always maintained that the last act of government criminals is to loot the treasury and he's absolutely right - congress is in the process of saddling the american people with staggering debt to the tune of $8,000,000,000,000 +, two trillion of which goes somewhere we'll never know about. Why? The Fed refuses to tell us.

So keeping in line with their theft on this previously unimaginable scale, the congressional swine have completely ignored hurting citizens and a few days ago rewarded themselves for all the hard work of robbing you and me by giving themselves yet another pay increase.

With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise

"A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.
Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it."

"“They don’t even go through the front door. They have it set up so that it’s wired so that you actually have to undo the pay raise rather than vote for a pay raise,” Ellis said."

Hunger mounts in the US

"In a chilling statement on social conditions in the US, 72 percent of surveyed food charities said that they are unable to meet the current demands of local communities for assistance. In most cases, the charities have responded by offering smaller distributions to the hungry, and some have been forced to close down."

She's Just A Joker After All

Laura Bush: George Freed 50 Million People

"US First Lady Laura Bush has hailed President George W. Bush's policies in Iraq and Afghanistan ahead of the White House farewell.
"Fifty million people are free from tyranny because of the United States, because of my husband's policies," Laura Bush said in an interview with USA TODAY on Thursday. The first lady also said she would defend her husband's job during the eight-year presidency as 'they are worth defending'. "These are very, very important, world-changing happenings, and they're for the best," she said. About the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, she said, "Do people really wish Saddam Hussein were still there? I don't think so."

Once a socioopath, always a sociopath.


But, It Showed Initiative

SEC Report: Employees Browsed Porn, Ran Private Businesses

"The report, released the day after Thanksgiving, reveals that some employees at the agency were clearly preoccupied with matters other than their mission of "protecting investors and maintaining fair, orderly, and efficient markets." The semi-annual report to Congress, which covers the period from this past April to September, details among other things a handful of employees circumventing internal controls to download porn"

"Investigators found employees in separate offices operated private photography businesses out of the commission:
An employee repeatedly and flagrantly used Commission resources, including Commission Internet access, e-mail, telephone and printer, in support of his private photography business for several years."

Alaskan Soap Opera Continues

"WASILLA -- A 42-year-old Wasilla woman was arrested Thursday at her home by Alaska State Troopers with a search warrant in an undercover drug investigation. Sherry L. Johnston was charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Because I'm Sick Of The Bell Ringers

A Charlie Brown Christmas — the alternate ending

A Christmas Story — Ralphie’s packin’ a Red Ryder

Not everything is wonderful at the North Pole

Herpes for Christmas

Yet His life was cut so tragically short

On Their Knees, Begging For A Job At The Landfill

"Wanted: Laborer willing to work 10-hour days outdoors in the stench and dust of the Pinellas County landfill. That's year-round, so you'll really enjoy the summer months when the landfill is ripest."

Starting salary: $9.50 an hour, plus benefits.

Hanus placed an ad in the St. Petersburg Times for the openings on Nov. 24. In rosier times, such an ad might attract 10 job seekers. Hanus said that with the overwhelming response, he stopped taking applications around noon the next day.The ad was for spotters, who show customers where to dump their loads and make sure that prohibited stuff like batteries, oil and paints aren't going into the landfill.Some who applied had college degrees, Hanus said, and many had recently been laid off or seen their companies shut down. The three people hired had a fair amount of experience working outdoors and solid customer skills, Hanus said. They started Dec. 8.

None of the four applicants who had begged on their knees for work because they could not pay the rent or feed their families was among them."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letterman's Top Ten War Criminal Moments

Bitter Brits Bag Blimp Blight, Bravo

tauntingly tempting target

Villagers shoot down advertising balloon over country park

"Villagers shot down an advertising balloon flying over their community saying it blighted the landscape. (...)

The garish white, blue and green inflatable, which can be seen from a mile away, was shot down three times by angry locals but the company had it patched up and put it back in the air."

Media Whore Of The Year

Sean Hannity: Media Matters' 2008 Misinformer of the Year

"As Media Matters for America has demonstrated time and again, Fox News' Sean Hannity has been a prolific and influential purveyor of conservative misinformation. But never has he so enthusiastically applied his talents for spreading misinformation as he did to the 2008 presidential race, focusing his energies primarily on President-elect Barack Obama. Day after day, Hannity devoted his two Fox News shows and his three-hour ABC Radio Networks program to "demonizing" the Democratic presidential candidates, starkly explaining in August: "That's my job. ... I led the 'Stop Hillary Express.' By the way, now it's the 'Stop Obama Express.' " Hannity's "Stop Obama Express" promoted and embellished a vast array of misleading attacks and false claims about Obama. Along the way, he uncritically adopted and promoted countless Republican talking points and played host to numerous credibility-challenged smear artists who painted Obama as a dangerous radical. When he was not going after Obama, Hannity attacked members of Obama's family, as well as Sen. Hillary Clinton and other progressives, and denied all the while that he had unfairly attacked anyone."

The Empire Gets Nervous Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

US Troops Open Fire On Fallujah Students at Shoe Rally

"Besides making an international celebrity out of Iraqi reporter Muntadar al-Zeidi, the now infamous shoe-throwing incident is cropping up in surprising ways across Iraq, where a population beaten and exhausted from years of war is once again finding its voice against the US military presence and the Iraqi government seen as its enablers.
The city of Fallujah was one of the hardest hit in all of Iraq, nearly destroyed earlier in the war. When students at the city’s university
held an impromptu rally in support of the jailed Zeidi, US soldiers were quick on the scene. The students raised shoes and some of them threw rocks, prompting the troops to open fire in an attempt to disperse the crowd. One student was wounded, shot in the foot according to his doctor."

The Wogs are getting uppity.

Did the shoe cause rebellion at Baghdad's July 14 Bridge?

"The square in front of the July 14 Bridge in Baghdad is closed by troops several times a day. The bridge leads into the American-controlled Green Zone. On the square, not far from the Green Zone, lie the offices of the president and the head of the biggest parliamentary bloc. Official convoys come and go all day long.
In the many times that I have been at that square, no one has ever objected to soldiers closing off the road while some official's convoy passes by. We all turn off our cars and sit there and wait.
Wednesday, however, was different. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Around 12:30 p.m. several vehicles loaded with Iraqi soldiers accompanying two or three buses stopped in mid square and tried to close it (like every day) but drivers refused to obey. We are tired of closed roads.
The horns of tens of cars were loud. Angry drivers yelled at soldiers. Not even when the soldiers brandished their rifles at the cars would the drivers stop. There were shots in the air, but the vehicles continued on. The military saw, for the first time I think, mass anger for blocking roads.

I have been in this square almost every day for the last four years, on the way to one official function or another, and nothing like this has ever happened. This time, the soldiers were forced to park their vehicles in a way that allowed civilian cars to pass."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saudi Offers $10 Million For One Of The Shoes

Woman Stuck On RR Tracks Calls 9/11 Instead Of Getting Out Of Car

She Died

"A Lake Forest woman who died from injuries suffered when her car was struck by a freight train in Anaheim dialed 911 to report her predicament and was being urged by a dispatcher to get out of the car when the phone went dead, police said."

The WIFI I'm on right now positively sucks, so I can't post the film clip I wanted to. It's the scene in Peter Sellers' film "Being There" where his naive character, Chance the Gardener, is confronted on the street by a gang tough.
Not knowing how to deal with the situation he reaches in his pocket for the only thing he knows that will get rid of something he dislikes, his TV remote, to change the channel.

American Fascism Becomes Policy

So it's basically official now in all but nomenclature - we live in a fascist state. It's a kind of nouveau corporate socialism, or corporatism, where the government is tied at the hip with banksters and corporations. We the people get social darwinism while the privileged few at the top get bailed out of trouble of their own making, at our expense of course.
Don't like how your government has turned against you? The military has announced their role in this burgeoning distopia:

Army 'Strategic Shock' Report Says Troops May Be Needed To Quell U.S. Civil Unrest

"A recent report produced by the U.S. Army War College's Strategic Institute warns that the United States may experience massive civil unrest in the wake of a series of crises which it has termed "strategic shock."
The report, titled
Known Unknowns: Unconventional Strategic Shocks in Defense Strategy Development, also suggests that the military may have to be used to quell domestic disorder.
"Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security," the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, reads."

So the cat's out of the bag, it's in our faces, there's no longer any doubt about the priorities of the government and the military. All it will take is some tame resistance against tyranny for the scumbags to take off their masks and show their true faces, while the military isn't in any way there to defend us, but will be used to subjugate us.
And if the fascists get a little antsy and feel that their agenda isn't progressing fast enough, they can always resort to some false flag terror to get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kindred Spirit Asks Bush For Pardon

Police brutality artist who used a broomstick as a suppository on a prisoner thinks he'll get one, seeing how the white house scumbag has been doing it to the country for eight years.

Lopuima attacker asks Bush for jail release

"Justin Volpe - the cop involved in one of the most sensational police-brutality cases in city history - has asked for a commutation of his 30-year prison sentence from President Bush.
The 36-year-old ex-cop, who notoriously used a broomstick in a precinct station house to sodomize victim Abner Louima, has sent a formal request - along with a small mound of letters of support - to the Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney, which handles referrals to the president for rare reductions of sentences."

Killer Virus Sweeps Britain

MILLIONS face being struck down by a deadly winter vomiting bug sweeping the country.

"Scores of hospitals have been forced to close wards to new patients as they struggle to cope with the influx of norovirus sufferers.One of London’s leading hospitals has even had to turn away 999 emergency patients after being overwhelmed with cases of the virus, while another hospital has drafted in GPs to cover for staff hit by the bug.

As the crisis deepens, health campaigners are warning that hospitals face going into “complete meltdown” over Christmas and New Year.Last year more than three million people were struck down by the bug as it reached epidemic levels. Now experts are warning that the virus could affect even more this year."

Q&A: Norovirus: Around 12 to 48 hours after becoming infected, the virus causes sudden onset of nausea followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea.

Sock And Awe

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grim Reports Are Correct

Homelessness rising as economy slides

"Homelessness and demand for emergency food are rising in the United States as the economy founders, a report said on Friday, and homeless advocates cautioned many cities were not equipped for the increase.
A survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors showed that 19 of 25 cities saw an increase in homelessness in the 12 months to October, while four reported a drop and two cities lacked enough data for conclusive results.
On average, the cities in the survey saw a 12 percent rise in homelessness, the report said. Although the results do not cover all U.S. cities, homeless advocates said they were in line with anecdotal evidence nationwide."

For over two months now the Mrs and I have been wandering the southwest, sniffing out places to settle and to ride out the insanity to come.
We've sniffed in Colorado and New Mexico, presently we're in Arizona and will scour other states as well. We've been avoiding large towns and cities, staying on backroads as much as possible, just monitoring and paying attention, checking things out.

I'm here to say to people who aren't traveling that the situation now in rural america is beyond ugly. When we headed SW from the NW we drove down the western side of Utah. There were numerous bedroom communities for the Salt Lake area, , obviously planned and built back during some uptick in the housing boom, basically empty. Maybe 90% vacant. Thousands upon thousands of boarded up homes that were never occupied in your typical suburban american housing developments. Mile after mile.

All over the west, all you can see are For Sale signs along the back roads. Today we drove 70 miles through rural southern AZ where the homes were sparse and a sizable minority were on the market. Another striking development is the number of abandoned places in every state we've been in. I'm not exaggerating this at all. We've been through hundreds of small communities where the people just up and left their homes, from shanties to chalets. We'll probably going to get lots of reports about the cities but this new depression has already spread fast and furious in small town america.

Cops Brought Bomb Into Bank In Oregon

Strange twist from CNN
Maybe it was raining.

"The 5:24 p.m. explosion at West Coast Bank came after the nearby Wells Fargo Bank had received a threatening telephone call Friday morning from an unknown person, Oregon State Police said.
When authorities arrived at Wells Fargo Bank, they discovered a "suspicious object" that was later determined not to be dangerous.
Their investigation led to a suspicious device outside West Coast Bank, and all but two employees were evacuated from the bank, Hastings said. It was not immediately clear why those two employees were not evacuated.
The device was brought inside, and it exploded, Hastings said. He said it was not clear why it had been brought inside.
Bank President Bob Sznewajs said Friday that his employees told him authorities "scanned it outside, then brought it in."

Marines To Check For Drunk Drivers In CA

Creeping police state fascism, posse comitatus be damned.

Marines Establish Military Presence in San Bernardino County, California

"Branson Hunter, writing for the Big Bear Observation Post blog, reports that the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) and the local California Highway Patrol will be working together over the holiday “in a joint effort to reduce accidents and drinking and driving” in San Bernardino County.

Hunter contacted Corporal Knuesn of the MCAGCC Provost Marshal office and MCAGCC Public Affairs Chief, Gunny Sgt. Chris Cox. Both confirmed the USMC will be present on public roads in order to setup a military presence during routine DUI check stops. “They will be working closely over the month to cut down of traffic accidents,” said Cox, “the Military Police will observe DUI check points and watch for their own guys.
The intent is to have military presence out there.”

10 False Flag Lollapaloozas That Changed History

#1 - Nero, Christians, and the Great Fire of Rome

"Rome, the night of July 19, 64 AD. The Great Fire burst through the rooftops of shops near the mass entertainment and chariot racing venue called Circus Maximus. The flames, whipped by a strong wind, rapidly engulfed densely populated areas of the city. After burning uncontrolled for five days, four of the 14 Roman districts were burned to the ground, and seven more were severely damaged.It was no secret that Nero wanted to build a series of palaces which he planned to name "Neropolis". But, the planned location was in the city and in order to build Neropolis, a third of Rome would have to be torn down. The Senate rejected the idea. Then, coincidentally, the fire cleared the very real estate Neropolis required."

"False Flag 101: When something - anything - bad happens to you, even if it's accidental, point the finger at your enemy."

Bush Was Lucky He Wasn't In Greece



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's Google Sydney Harbor Bridge And...

Bay Of Pigs 2.0

The Bay of Pigs Invasion (aka Playa Girón), was an unsuccessful attempt by a U.S.-trained force of Cuban exiles to invade southwest Cuba and overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel Castro.

That Was No Small War in Georgia -- It Was the Beginning of the End of the American Empire

"Tskhinvali, South Ossetia -- On the sunny afternoon of August 14, a Russian army colonel named Igor Konashenko is standing triumphantly at a street corner at the northern edge of Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, his forearm bandaged from a minor battle injury. The spot marks the furthest point of the Georgian army's advance before it was summarily crushed by the Russians a few days earlier. "Twelve Georgian battalions invaded Tskhinvali, backed by columns of tanks, armored personal carriers, jets, and helicopters," he says, happily waving at the wreckage, craters, and bombed-out buildings around us. "You see how well they fought, with all their great American training -- they abandoned their tanks in the heat of the battle and fled.

Konashenko pulls a green compass out of his shirt pocket and opens it. It's a U.S. military model. "This is a little trophy -- a gift from one of my soldiers," he says. "Everything that the Georgians left behind, I mean everything, was American. All the guns, grenades, uniforms, boots, food rations -- they just left it all. Our boys stuffed themselves on the food," he adds slyly. "It was tasty." The booty, according to Konashenko, also included 65 intact tanks outfitted with the latest NATO and American (as well as Israeli) technology. (...)

For years now, everyone from Pat Buchanan to hybrid-powered hippies have been warning that America would suddenly find itself on a historical downslope from having been too reckless, too profligate, and too arrogant as an unopposed superpower. Even decent patriotic folk were starting to worry that America was suffering from a classic case of Celebrity Personality Disorder, becoming a nation of Tom Cruise party-dicks dancing in our socks over every corner and every culture in the world, lip-synching about freedom as we plunged headfirst into as much risky business as we could mismanage. And now, bleeding money from endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we're a sick giant hooked on ever-pricier doses of oil paid for with a currency few people want anymore. In the history books of the future, I would wager that this very spot in Tskhinvali will be remembered as both the geographic highwater mark of the American empire, and the place where it all started to fall apart."

Need Tools Of Repression? Go To The Masters

Greece seeks tear gas from Israel

"Greece has asked Israel to provide it with emergency supplies of tear gas as the clashes continue in Athens between the youths and police. Police officials say they urgently seek more tear gas from Israel and Germany as they run out of the gas amid ongoing riots."

The Purity Ball

"A purity ball (also known as a father-daughter purity ball or purity wedding) is a formal event attended by fathers and their daughters. Purity balls promote virginity until marriage for teenaged girls, and are often closely associated with U.S. Christian churches, particularly fundamentalist churches.
Purity balls can vary in many particulars, but fathers who attend typically pledge to protect their young daughters' purity in mind, body and soul. Daughters are expected to remain virgins, abstaining from pre-marital sexual intercourse."

that's quite an albatross for fathers to hang around their daughters' necks

Satan get thee behind me...and don't push!

the fathers' "behold my giant penis" ritual

more pics here

Flash Update - Virginity Pledges Lead To More Anal Sex, Study Finds

Wow. Talk about backfiring.
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