Monday, December 29, 2008

Iranian Jews Slam Israel Over Gaza

What, there are actually jews in Iran?

Supposedly the Iranians are antisemitic, and want to "wipe Israel off the map". Why aren't they all exiled, or dead?

"Iranian Jews express their solidarity with the Palestinians and the victims of the tragic incidents of Gaza. Iranian Jews Society has condemned Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza which have so far killed over 281 people in two consecutive days.
The Israelis showed that they do not abide by any civil and human laws, the society said in a statement released on Sunday. (...)

Head of Jewish societies of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kermanshah and Yazd have undersigned the statement."

It's because we've been fed a steady stream of lies about Iran, Israel and judaism. It's because Israel is a repugnant, shitty little terrorist state, a zionist state, not a jewish state, and jews worldwide know this. Another sentence from the jews happily living in Iran:

"The Iranian Jews reaffirm that the inhuman behavior of the Zionist regime contradicts the religious teachings of Prophet Moses (PBUH)."

As further proof that filthy Israeli policies are held in contempt, look no further than a small tidbit of news from the middle of last year.

Iran's Jews spurn cash lure to emigrate to Israel

"Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in the face of cash offers aimed at encouraging them to move to Israel, the arch-enemy of its Islamic rulers.
The incentives - ranging from £5,000 a person to £30,000 for families - were offered from a special fund established by wealthy expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel among Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with Israel's official blessing and were additional to the usual state packages it provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora.
However, the Society of Iranian Jews dismissed them as "immature political enticements" and said their national identity was not for sale.
"The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money," the society said in a statement."



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