Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny What The Torturer Thinks Of When Asked About His Highest Moment

There's something strange going on here with Cheney all over the media granting interviews. On ABC a few days ago he admitted authorizing torture and here he is on FAUX getting a hard on about how 9/11 enabled his mob to drag the country into fascism.

But all the scumbags from the last eight years have absolutely no reason to fear their crimes will be punished. The ostensibly incoming administration has no intention of pursuing justice, and if there are any muted bleatings from spineless democrats to do so, Bush will hand out pardons to the perps like candy.

But back to this walking sewage and his initial reaction to Wallace's question. Cheney did change the question around to that of importance but would anyone but a sociopath immediately think of mass murder as "the highest point" in a career? Of course if you helped to arrange 9/11 and immediately reaped the benefits of murderous crimes with all the immense riches that followed, you'd think it was the high point in your stint as vice president too.


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