Friday, November 18, 2011

Making War On The World

Why Is Obama So Interested In Myanmar (Burma) And Sending Hillary Clinton There?

"What interests does the United States have in its relations with Myanmar (Burma) today?

The claim has been made by Brooking that the reason is America's interest in human rights and democracy. The same claim was made about Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

Most American's have no knowledge of Burma (now known as Myanmar). They know nothing about it's location, government etc... And yet American's are interested in Burma's human rights abuses and past military dictatorship?

Washington's real interest is Myanmar's strategic location between India and China, the world's two most populous countries, just as at one time the interest was in Vietnam before it lost that war.

As a result of American sanctions, which have mostly hurt the civilian population, U.S. influence over Myanmar has declined while China has advanced its interests.

Related to these two concerns is the potential for state collapse in Myanmar, which would supposedly threaten the stability of the country's neighbors.

Finally, for years Myanmar's inability to control illicit narcotics production and export has troubled the United States as a major consumer of those drugs. Burma has probably cut strongly into America's and the CIA's illicit profit from the drug business out of Afghanistan and now Pakistan."

All fairly reasonable answers to the proposed question. But the big reason can be seen if one steps back and looks at the big picture. Empire is after soft targets and has been for decades. Empire is a bully - like cops who'll consistently stop darker skinned drivers in older vehicles. In essence softer targets, not the possible trouble behind the wheel of a Mercedes or a Porsche.
Take a look at who empire concentrated on after Vietnam - Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, weakened Iraq after 15 years of the most vicious embargoes in human history, dirt poor Afghanistan, Libya, a nation of barely six million people, and other backwaters in Africa like Somalia. Empire goes after the weak and vulnerable, inventing reasons as it goes along like terrorism or humanitarian concerns and using whatever methods that it needs to like bribes in central Asia or fake aid to earthquake ravaged Haiti or outright military violence. Empire is always probing, pushing, seeking to worm it's way into soft underbellies and weaker nation states. In essence, the actual domino theory that it painted communism with decades ago.
In essence, making war on the entire world starting with the easiest targets first.


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