Friday, November 18, 2011

Say Hello To Revenue Enhancement On Acid

We're about to get hammered.

Welcome to the (terrifying) future: Russian super speed camera can issue thousands of tickets per hour

"A new cutting edge speed gun that can track 32 vehicles at the same time could be coming to U.S. roads.

The toaster-sized camera, developed in Russia, can handle heavy traffic and issue thousands of tickets an hour.

Ontario-based Peak Gain Systems will offer the photo radar device to states next year.

The Simicon Cordon is billed as being far more advanced than other photo radar guns currently in use.

Steven Fiter, CEO of Peak Gain Systems, said: 'This takes photos on a continuous basis, so it can handle whatever traffic comes by and issue hundreds or even thousands of tickets [per hour].'

Congress Starts Pushing an Online Sales Tax

"Ten U.S. Senators are now proposing a “Marketplace Fairness Act,” which creates a new system letting states collect sales taxes from purchases made online. “It’s about closing a tax loophole,” said Senator Lamar Alexander, part of a bipartisan coalition which has already introduced similar legislation in the House of Representatives.

Strangely, Amazon has just issued a press release saying they support the bill, calling it “a win-win resolution,” according to one Kindle blog, though they may just be hoping to lobby for exemptions from each individual state.

“Instead of a national sales tax, these new taxes will only be imposed at the individual discretion of each separate state legislature, and that’s an area where multi-billion dollar companies like Amazon can still exert a lot of pressure."


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