Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cop Riots Sold To Public Just Like 1968 Chicago

Police brutality goes after the helpless first.
If you don't believe that, watch whose ribs the the vicious assholes break first.
The smallest girl in the linked arms line.

Pregnant teen, elderly woman among pepper sprayed

"SEATTLE (AP) — A downtown march and rally in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement turned briefly chaotic as police scattered a crowd of rowdy protesters — including a pregnant 19-year-old and an 84-year-old activist — with blasts of pepper spray.

Protest organizers denounced the use of force, saying that police indiscriminately sprayed the chemical irritant at peaceful protesters.

The Occupy Seattle movement released a written statement late Tuesday expressing support for "a 4-foot 10-inch, 84-year-old woman, a priest and a pregnant woman who as of this writing is still in the hospital."

I keep saying this -cops should know what side they take in this struggle to free ourselves from debt slavery will determine their fate. If they don't comprehend that the protesters are in the streets for their interests also, and that the cops are out busting heads just for a paycheck, then they will face the same fate as the corporate hyenas that imposed this shit on us.
At that point anyone caught in a cop uniform will be shot on sight. Bet the farm.

Chicago, 1968

The police are not here to create disorder, they're here to preserve disorder.
Richard J. Daley"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


pass this on to all OWS people.
I have an idea, each location should hire private security at each site, just like an event or party hire armed or unarmed guards to protect the OWS people, see how this looks on TV, i wonder how the media's take would be. They "OWS" need to be protected from the police, there must be away to start a legal action, this might be it. You see, any private citizen can hire a protective security agent right? so there is legal protection within the manner in which the person is to be protected. So why not...? there is a common threat at the occupy camp locations.... cops ! So hire legal certified private security to protect them and see what happens

16/11/11 3:49 PM  
Anonymous Nz said...

Anon, its no use trying to talk the OWS people into defending themselves, they won't do it. They've got phony left-wing absolute pacifists leading them like all peaceful protests. They dare not lift a hand to defend themselves else they'll look like the fascists themselves.

What such people fail to understand is that they will never get the kind of respect they want unless they are willing to fight back in self-defense.

Of course, the problem is that even if they do decided to fight back, the cops have all the hardware on their side, so it'll probly lead to a very bloody slaughter. Such a slaughter, however, has been known to precede major revolutions.

16/11/11 5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nz thanks, your right and i agree, i just thought it an extreme idea. But really, this pushing and shoving will continue and nothing will be accomplished. Fighting back and using the system to help them would be key, if they werent lead by phony left-wing absolute pacifists. I have told Nolo that either way it will be very interesting to see what events will happen next, i mean to say that this debt and the conflicts just within the US will not sustain us for a better tomorrow. I feel the future is grim, based on the current series of events.



17/11/11 1:06 PM  

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