Friday, November 18, 2011

Cage Fight

I was doing a little research into extinct ancient predators, having watched all the most excellent "Walking With" BBC series when it occurred to me that modern day fascist predators really have a free ride. So I thought I'd pair them up with animals of old and see how quickly they get torn limb from limb.

Von Rumsfeld

vs Spinosaurus

9/10/2001 : Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

The apparently largest land carnivore that ever walked the earth would have eaten T Rex for lunch had they lived during the same time period. It was featured in one of the Jurassic Park movies when it fortuitously showed up and snapped a Tyrannosaur neck. I picked this matchup because Von Rumsfeld has been the single biggest war criminal of our time, rivaled only by Henry Kissinger who I assure you will meet his maker in a most interesting way.
Spinosaurus was so gigantic that Donald wouldn't have even been chewed, just swallowed live like Jonah.
So sorry Von Rumsfeld.


Blogger retank said...

It appears you have two identical posts just hours from each other.

18/11/11 1:17 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thanks for trying to give me heads up, retank, but I've decided to give the same intro for this new series of having scumbags torn to shreds by prehistoric creatures, and the first was Rush Limbacile, the second W Bush and the third Von Rumsfeld.
Having the same intro is just an explanation of what I'm doing.
Different cretins, different creatures.
I appreciate your feedback.

18/11/11 4:18 PM  

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