Sunday, June 19, 2011

World War 2.0

Russia orders Stalin-era leather coats for Putin guards

"Russia's federal guard service, in charge of protecting President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, may soon sport black leather overcoats harking back to the era of Stalin's purges. The elite service known by its Russian acronym FSO has launched a tender to purchase 60 leather trenchcoats on the official site for government purchases, instantly drawing tongue-in-cheek criticism from Russian bloggers.

Long leather trenchcoats are infamously associated with uniforms of Soviet NKVD secret police, worn by its low-ranking officers at the height of Stalin's pre-war purges in the late 1930s.

The coats ordered by the FSO appear to be nearly identical to the NKVD coats, according to the tender documentation and images uploaded on the website last week.

The jet-black "light leather overcoat" as the item is described is meant for "high-ranking FSO officers" and features a belt and various insignia, including the image of the Russian two-headed eagle on every button."

american WW2 helmet
Nazi WW2 helmet
american helmet today

flashback - NATO commanders wore Nazi regalia in Afghanistan

"It has just been discovered that two commanders of the Czech military working under NATO command used Nazi symbols on their helmets during their deployment in Afghanistan.

The story was made public after Czech police serving in Afghanistan reported the case, the Russia Today website reported on Tuesday.

According to the daily Mlada fronta Dnes, the soldiers, identified as Hynek Matonoha and Jan Cermak, wore the symbols of the 9th SS panzer division Hohenstaufen and the SS Dirlewanger brigade respectively, which were probably the most infamous SS combat units of World War II.

Unaware of their sordid actions, Czech Defense Minister Martin Bartak decorated the soldiers for bravery on Friday after their return from Afghanistan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soo what? what are we saying here?
Good guys, bad guys? The U.S. army is just as evil. SS pin, or U.S. army pin in afganistan. The U.S. army killed as many if not more native americans, in our own 1780 genocide, even before that. So depending on what side your on at the time, and what time it is... 1936 or 1780. The rights of war are take all and be patriotic about what side your on. So dont go all....ohhhhh evil Nazi SS bad guys, just remember U.S. and everyone else is just as bad as the other.

20/6/11 3:27 PM  
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