Friday, June 17, 2011

The American Way

Good entrepreneurs - Homeowners who bribe the county to allow US Open visitors to park on front lawns then fleece the the parkers, making thousands.

Bad entrepreneurs - Kids who didn't bribe the county and sold lemonade to raise money for charity closed down by the county and fined $500.

added - Only In America: Purchase A Giant Pepsi To Raise Money For Diabetes Research

"The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has confirmed that this is a real promotion occurring now at KFCs across the country. Gulp down a “mega jug” of Pepsi — that’s a half gallon containing 56 spoonfuls of sugar — and one whole dollar will go towards finding a cure for the terrible disease that the drink will give you."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolo, this is sad to see and hear, however this is the way of the future. The police in this matter have lost their minds, they are no longer community heros, to side with corporate rules and corp. sports pressure and make this news is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! We have heard this before with police citing a kids lemonade stands for not having a permit, or kicking out girl scouts from selling cookies on the street, i see a pattern here, and the qualities of good ol fashion american life are slowly being dismantled. Well this is one law enforcement commander that says NO WAY can we allow this to happen or continue. I request all readers to send a letter of disgust to the department and officals that were responsible for this and for not taking the correct action as to dissovle this little issue professtionally, and responsibly. These incidents are becoming more and more apparent, and its happening to our kids. What are the actions of this department and its officals saying to the public and families in this community? They should be drawn and quarterd, for this dasterdly act. This is SICK even for the news... its SICK!

17/6/11 11:22 AM  

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