Thursday, June 16, 2011

Insane Monsters Care For Nothing But Greed And Power

Lepcis Magna

Nato refuses to rule out bombing ancient ruins in air strikes aimed at taking out Gaddafi

"Nato has refused to rule out bombing Libya's ancient Roman ruins if Colonel Gaddafi is using them to hide military equipment. Rebels in the divided country claim the under-pressure Libyan leader could be hiding rocket launchers at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna - which is between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held Misrata.
Wing Commander Mike Bracken, a spokesman for Nato's Libya mission, said it would be a concern for the alliance if Gaddafi and his forces were to violate international law and hide themselves in such a location."

Since when did these reptiles ever give a flying fuck about international law?
Oh that's right, only when it suits their agenda.

Ancient City of Babylon Destroyed by US Occupation Base

"The last outsiders to visit the ruins of the once-mighty city of Babylon in Iraq came in tanks and helicopters, leaving a blight on its historic and fragile landscape, archaeologists say.

The city, born on the banks of the Euphrates River 5,000 years ago and full of priceless archaeological treasures, was transformed into a U.S. military camp after the 2003 invasion with a heliport built among the ruins.

The base was later passed to Polish army control and despite the soldiers' departure in 2005, the damage left behind is evident. At a meeting in Berlin next month, Iraqi and other specialists will endeavor to assess the true level of damage.

Iraqi archaeologist Hadi Mussa Qataa, who guided an AFP reporter through the fragile ruins, said helicopter take-offs and landings, along with the tremors from the heavy rumble of armored vehicles had damaged the city's historic monuments."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats right Nolo, and we will see the wrath of these and other war attacks soon, no way is the middle east nut/fanatics groups going to sit back and do nothing to US interests. Soon we will see alot of retal-in a cyber form. Les we forget that we are cyber dependant here in the USA, and will come the day when someones brother, father, mother or whomever will let leash a communications virus that will put us back into the 1930's.


16/6/11 10:15 AM  

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