Sunday, June 19, 2011

And I Thought Condaleeza Rice Was The Most Disgusting Secretary Of State

Clinton on Syria: Astounding Lies, Zero Legitimacy

"Bangkok, Thailand June 18, 2011 – Out of either desperation or immeasurable hubris, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just attempted to rewrite the last 3 months of history, contradicting her own department’s statements made during the onset of the Syrian unrest.

Within the pages of the London-based, Saudi-funded Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Hillary Clinton joined Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy, and David Cameron in the bizarre trend of Western leaders writing newspaper editorials in an attempt to reinforce the ever changing, ever contradicting official narrative. Clinton’s article titled, “There is no going back in Syria,” oafishly parrots month old corporate-funded think-tank talking points with the addition of hamfisted reversals on the US State Department’s own narratives.

Lie #1: Syrian protests are not the work of foreign instigators.

One paragraph in particular is so astoundingly dishonest and contradictory it almost defies explanation."



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