Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Implications Here Are Enormous

New Apple Technology Stops iPhones From Filming Live Events
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"Fans at concerts and sports games may soon be stopped from using their iPhones to film the action -- as a result of new technology being considered by Apple, The Times of London reported Thursday.

The California company has plans to build a system that will sense when a person is trying to film a live event using a cell phone and automatically switch off their camera.

A patent application filed by Apple, and obtained by the Times, reveals how the software would work. If a person were to hold up their iPhone, the device would trigger the attention of infra-red sensors installed at the venue. These sensors would then instruct the iPhone to disable its camera.

Other features, such as the phone’s ability to make a call or send text messages, would not be affected.

The software is seen as an attempt to protect the interests of event organizers and television broadcasters who have exclusive rights to film an event. These companies often sell their own recordings but are frustrated when cell phone videos appear online via websites such as YouTube, allowing people to watch the concert free."

You can easily tell where this is headed. Cops in the last few years, probably since around the Rodney King debacle, have really hated the fact that their behavior can now be easily recorded.

There are literally thousands of youtubes documenting illegal demands by thugs with badges to stop filming them, with a clear majority of those demands backed up with a threat of violence. It's obvious departments are tacitly approving this behavior or openly telling cops to hammer on people filming what they do. These videos are extreme embarrassments and show repetitive thuggish and often brutal actions that later on show the cops to be liars about what they had done.

If Apple has a technology to disable a phone's camera function then all manufacturers have that technology, and one would assume that soon all police cruisers will have the ability to shut off mobile devices in their areas.

The tax feeders want the abilities to record everything you do while they can be free from worry about scrutiny of their actions which are increasingly unconstitutional and criminal. It's simple really - we have to be held accountable, but not them.

Just a random sample:


Anonymous Alan said...

You're right. This is perfect technology for those police who see cameras as an infringement on their "right" to overstep their authority.

19/6/11 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well how will they spin this... Black cop... white cameraman... Huh

20/6/11 8:45 PM  

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