Sunday, December 16, 2007

Police State Hysteria, Have You Seen It In Your Town Yet?


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So how would the next president, who will be selected for us by our betters, fit into this new paradigm of heavy handed authoritarian over-reaction? According to the guy I'm guessing will be chosen, like it was a match made in heaven.

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Anonymous nick z. said...

We had a "bomb scare" in my apts in 04 and everyone was evacuated. The cops treated me like a criminal because I was asleep and didn't get the orioginal message. When somebody started banging on my door and telling me to "Get out!" I had no idea who it was, feared it was some criminal thugs, and asked them who they were.

The damn cops wouldn't tell me who they were or why they wanted me to open up and "get out". So, they proceeded to break my door down.

After they broke the door down, I was relieved to see they were cops, but still unsure what was going on.
When I asked them why we were being evacuated, they wouldn't even say. They just said we were being evacuated for our own safety.

The cops were really fascist. They treated me like a criminal, wouldn't let me finish dressing, wouldn't let me take my wallet or my sun-shades (it was very sunny and bright outside).

I had no automobile and spend the whole day outside watching and waiting. I found out it was a "bomb scare" from a local reporter. I had top sleep at my sister's house. It was either there, or the local school under fascist supervision and quarantine.

I was afraid they'd take my computer, but the next day, everything except my door appeared unchanged. The excuse they used was related to a drug addict that tried to purchase an air-gun. After the cops picked him up, he apparently said some things that led them to believe he was keeping explosives at his apt.

The whole thing was treated like a terrorist situation. They called in the local NG forces and a bomb-squad, set up tents, served refreshments, and secured state-funds for the DHS. It was a nice little media-circus.

16/12/07 10:50 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Good grief.
This shift's been a long time coming and I think the authoritarian scum at the top put it into high gear. Police and security forces have always attracted bullies and intimidating jackboots. Until a few years ago sense of duty and service trumped darker impulses. They've not only been let loose from lawful constraints to indulge in psycho fantasies, they've been actively brainwashed to see everybody else around them as dire threats. Just like in Iraq, the top down chain of command has become dirtier and the boots on the ground are more than happy to party with unlimited funds and shiny new toys.

16/12/07 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with your post. The aggression and actions of the police become more alarming every day. You may be interested in reading this article - Militarized Police Overeaction and Overkill Have You Noticed It In Your Town Yet, found here that discusses the subject in depth.

17/12/07 7:33 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thank you anon.

17/12/07 10:45 AM  
Blogger Bpaul said...

Although I can see why you chose Giuliani as the next pick for president, I just can't imagine him winning.

I mean, yikes.

In my opinion, even though the votes are rigged, the public has to get the votes at least close before the elections are stolen. I doubt Giuliani could even get close enough to winning for them to pull this off.

What a horrible thought, I hadn't even imagined him as president, that would absolutely suck LOL.

17/12/07 10:08 PM  

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