Friday, December 14, 2007

Churning Out The Propaganda

Poll Shows More Optimism on War blares the Washington Post. A bizarrely optimistic headline if there ever was one. Since US military deaths are fast approaching (an official) 4000, never mind the suffering and carnage among Iraqis, and that the national treasury is being dumped into this bottomless cesspit of corruption, one wonders who the hell they're polling. Halliburton employees?

"Although a majority say the United States is not making significant gains toward restoring civil order in Iraq, the public's views are more positive than at this time last year. About four in 10 say the United States is making progress, an increase of 10 percentage points over last year.
Looking ahead to the new year, the public is somewhat more hopeful about the situation in Iraq. Forty-six percent said they are optimistic about the situation in Iraq in 2008, six points higher than in December 2006

Classic propaganda. Despite overwhelming distaste with their rotten activities the MSM will try to paint debate in 'too close to call' balanced colors. The whole purpose of this exercise is to make you think that the tide is slowly beginning to change, that their asinine 'stay the course' attitudes will prevail at some point. That's the whole purpose of this garbage - to give the appearance of some "light at the end of the tunnel". Remember that phrase? It's meant to drag us all along with ongoing indefensible crime. It's meant to let the criminal scum feasting off this manufactured conflict stay at the banquet table while the military is ground down like hamburger and entire countries turn into radioactive morgues.

But here's the most important thing - this isn't a war. The US military has formally and illegally invaded and occupied two countries and is fighting the growing resistance to that occupation. That "war" appellation was slapped on their actions by criminal scum who engineered a self inflicted wound on 9/11, the opening kickoff of a grand game of conquest abroad and fascism at home. They knew that if you can convince people that if they're in a terrible fight then you can literally get away with murder. Which is why we're endlessly told this bloody murder amounts to war. That word appears no less than 18 times in this rotten piece of dead fish from the Washington Post.

This is the task of the ever loathsome MSM. Demonize the faceless enemy in this misnamed scam. Toss a few factoids about, distract the complacent masses with celebrity gossip and other meaningless tripe but never, ever venture outside established parameters of debate. Make sure those crucial a priori assumptions are rammed into peoples' heads with a repetition that would make Goebbels proud. And always kneel to power as they kiss their masters' backsides.


Blogger spooked said...

yes, no doubt the regime will whitewash this whole sorry episode and eventually make Iraq a success story-- never mind the suffering.

15/12/07 3:31 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

History, if there is a future, will not be kind to us.

16/12/07 10:00 AM  

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