Friday, December 14, 2007

United Fruit Wants Their Bananas Back

Well, UF actually had their operations in Central America but the effort to bring back the era of banana republics is alive and well in South America.

9/2/7 Bolivia Presents Documents on US Interference

"The Bolivian government has declared it has documents that prove the US illegally interferes in the country's domestic affairs.
Vice-President Eduardo Garcia announced that in the near future, Bolivia will present to the US Congress documents which show the US government and Embassy in Bolivia are providing aid to groups linked to opponents of President Evo Morales.
He accused the United States of instigating instability in the country and trying to weaken the central Bolivian government.
The Bolivian government has recently arrested several American citizens accused of importing illegal weapons into Bolivia, stating the US government has paid $140 million to Morales' opponents."

12/12/7 Chavez Calls For a Battle of Ideas to Combat U.S. Interference in Latin America

"The Venezuelan people and government have been subjected to a fierce media war for the past 10 years which was intensified in the last few months, with a dirty psychological war appealing to peoples fears, aimed neutralising the Venezuelan people, Chavez said. This was one of the key reasons for the electoral defeat of the proposed constitutional reforms during the referendum on December 2 he explained.
Chavez also warned that Venezuela possesses documents to show that "the United States has plans to invade Venezuela."
He also said, "the gringos have plans for a coup against Evo Morales."

Well whaddya know.

12/14/7 Bolivian states threaten autonomy

"Bolivia has put its military on alert after four states declared their intention to create independent regional governments."

And why hand hundreds of millions in US taxpayer money to rich opponents of Bolivian president Morales to stir up trouble and foment possible civil unrest? Let's go back to last year...

5/2/6 Bolivia nationalizes oil, gas industry


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