Saturday, December 15, 2007

Clueless Brits In The News

Low morale and public disgust due to inadequate propaganda says honcho
"A senior army commander has said that British troops in Iraq feel they lack public support because the conflict remains mired in "spin and dodgy dossiers".

Just maybe it's because of an illegal and blood soaked conquest
Whopping "2% of Basra residents believe that British troops have had a positive effect on the province since they helped the US overthrow Saddam Hussein in March 2003."

But Afghanistan, on the other hand, has been a smashing triumph
"The British commander in Afghanistan, Brigadier Andrew Mackay, has said there is more public support for the campaign there than for Iraq operations."

Murdering the wogs in a media free backwater doesn't stir up much of an outcry. And saying casual slaughter is at least better than wholesale slaughter is just batshit crazy. Truly, this latest pathetic propaganda offensive to prop up support for indefensible war crimes is amazing.


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