Saturday, December 15, 2007

By The Friends You Keep

The Bushistas have precious few 'strategic partners' in the world. Here are two of them very busy at work on lovely projects sanctioned by the fascists.

Ethiopia - Ah, the wonders of a whole 'nuther front in the criminal scam known as the war on terror. The US has lavishly rewarded the Abyssinians for being proxy thugs in invading and overthrowing the Islamic Courts in neighboring Somalia, turning that poor country into Africa’s worst humanitarian catastrophe:

"A year after the U.S.-backed Ethiopian army toppled a hard-line Islamist regime in Somalia, the country has become Africa’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.
About 200,000 refugees, mostly women and children, have fled from a pro-government offensive to makeshift camps along a 10-mile stretch of sun-baked asphalt that leads from the seaside capital of Mogadishu toward the inland town of Afgoye."

Roving militias terrorizing the countryside with ongoing genocide in an illegal invasion, what's not to like there? Not only is the Bushistas' lil' buddy also gearing up for war with another neighbor, Eritrea, it's found a novel way of filling the need for manpower:

"The Ethiopian government, one of the United States's top allies in Africa, is forcing untrained civilians - including doctors, teachers, office clerks and employees of development programs financed by the World Bank and United Nations - to fight rebels in the desolate Ogaden region, according to Western officials, refugees and Ethiopian administrators who recently defected to avoid being conscripted."

Palestine - In what can only be called the fine art of collective punishment, Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into a vast sealed off and isolated prison ghetto, imposing arbitrary viciousness on one and a third million people. The suffering has been intense and there are numerous ways to chronicle this contempt for human rights perpetrated by america's best friend, but this, to me, is the most gut wrenching crime of all.

Israeli Occupation kills new baby in Gaza Strip

"Palestinian Medical sources reported today, Friday, that yet another child has died due to the illegal siege and occupation. The infant died after the Israeli occupants banned her from being taken abroad for treatment."

In all 38 sick people have died at Israeli checkpoints when they weren't allowed to seek medical help. The situation continues to deteriorate dramatically and a lot more are going to get ill from lack of sanitary conditions and electricity. Which seems to be fine with the war criminals in Washington, since economic and military aid to that shitty little state were substantially increased this year.


Blogger spooked said...

well, from what I have read, the ongoing Congo war is a worse humanitarian catastrophe-- and it gets like no coverage at all.

16/12/07 9:03 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You could be right. Congo has enormous resources...

16/12/07 3:53 PM  

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