Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blackwater In Baghdad: "It Was A Horror Movie"

New testimony from witnesses and victims provides the most in-depth, harrowing account to date of the U.S. security firm's deadly rampage in Iraq.
But it's all water under the bridge as they've exonerated themselves.

"For Khalaf, a 38-year-old Iraqi, Sept. 16 started like many other sunny summer workdays. He donned his police uniform -- a white shirt, navy trousers and hat -- and headed to Baghdad's busy Nissour Square. By 7 a.m. he was out in the street, directing the flow of traffic coming from the multi-laned Yarmouk access road into the square. When he spotted four large all-terrain vehicles with guns mounted on top, he did what he always did. He stopped traffic and cleared the area for what he knew, from the tell-tale sign of the two accompanying helicopters, to be a security firm's convoy.
At first, this seemed completely normal for the totally abnormal world of Baghdad in September 2007. "Convoys are common," explained Khalaf. But this convoy made an unexpected U-turn, drove the wrong way around the one-way square, stopped in the middle of it and started shooting. Fifteen minutes later, 17 Iraqi civilians were dead, dozens more wounded, and a white sedan that had been engulfed in flames contained two bodies charred beyond recognition.
"It was a horror movie," said Khalaf, describing the aftermath of the now notorious Blackwater shootings."

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blackwater parachute team jumping
at the 2007 Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show

The video below is about the 2006 San Diego Fleet Week football game. Watch at around 3:00 as Blackwater shows how to respect the american flag. They next posture as an adjunct of the military and slime up a stadium on Dec.31 at the Armed Forces Bowl in Texas.


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