Monday, February 19, 2007

Pakistan Explodes In The News

Pakistan is increasingly becoming a battleground and staging area for deadly attacks. Scores of people are killed in three incidents that are the latest in a series of bombings involving the country.

Saturday - a suicide bomber walked into a courtroom and detonated.

Last week - Iran is claiming "Sunni insurgents from Iran used Pakistan as a base to plan a bombing that killed 11 people and wounded more than 30 in the southeastern border city of Zahedan."

Yesterday - at least 66 people burned to death when explosions ripped through a passenger train between India and Pakistan.

I'm sure we're going to hear more about these events and who supposedly perpetrated them. There probably will be more coming; apparently a group or groups want to sow discord and/or create instability inside Pakistan and in the surrounding region.
Now who would they be, and who would benefit from increased hostilities? Well we know that Al Qaeda is a CIA front and so when we see this sort of story:
Report: Al-Qaeda Rebuilding Network From Pakistan Base - "The terrorist organization that mounted the 2001 attacks on the United States has formed a new, Pakistan-based network, The New York Times reported Monday, citing US intelligence sources."
it's a signal that the US has decided to try to expand it's operations in the country. Looking at a map

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you can see that Pakistan shares a considerable border with Iran. If "incidents" need to be staged, and when the US starts it's war it will be a strategic location. As a matter of fact that bus bombing that killed the Iranian soldiers was just over the border in Zahedan.
But all these bombings and increased US interest in the area may be more related to this story than anything else. The 1,625-mile pipeline would originate in Iran's South Pars gas field and cross southwest Pakistan.
Pakistan set to build Iran pipeline:
"The pipeline from Iran, first proposed a decade ago, was initially stalled by hostile relations between India and Pakistan, which have fought three wars over the disputed region of Kashmir since independence from Britain in 1947.
And in the past year, the United States has pressured Pakistan and India to abandon the pipeline as part of a plan to isolate Iran for its nuclear program."


Blogger mikevotes said...

I forgot about the pipeline. It was a huge story when first proposed because it marked a joint activity between India Pakistan.


19/2/07 8:23 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

And Iran, the source of the gas and oil, I think which is why there's there's so much activity in the area.

19/2/07 10:45 AM  
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