Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"A Brief Candle, Both Ends Burning"

Well this boffo program, a Fox -run imitation of The Daily Show with it's canned laughter and kiddie level intellect, is sure to be a big, long lasting hit with the kool ade slurpers.

update - No it isn't! Reviews are streaming in, and the consensus among reichwing bloggers is.. the show sucks:

Ace Of Spades - "Material so weak, in fact, that one suspects the writers are all liberals deliberately sabotaging the show..."

(Comment at) protein wisdom - "Very disappointing. Unlike the Daily Show, it’s not all that funny..."

allahpundit - " it better if Fox just pulls the trapdoor and walks away whistling?"

(Comment at) IMAO- "The canned laughter is very masculine, because Fox is marketing this to the "guy" demographic. Really, really dumb guys, apparently."

Hog On Ice - "My GOD, does this show blow."

Why the long faces, wardorks? What could possibly be wrong with a show that will slam liberals with a smirk on the host's face and a fake sound track? Digby provides the answer:

"I think Joel Surnow has kind of missed the mark, though. While I, a cowardly, flip-flopping liberal loser might find this "fake news" concept amusing, surely the codpiece-grabbing, testosterone-overdosed REAL MEN of the right need something .. more."

He suggests some cannibals with bones in their noses for the Obama segment. That'll get them slappin' their knees.


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