Sunday, February 11, 2007

Manufacturing Consent

On the morning of 9/11 traitorous elements of the United States government who worked closely with foreign operatives perpetrated a highly visible and shocking staged event that set in motion a long planned fascist coup. It was a convergence of many things - a plan to inject a final dose of amphetamine into a collapsing economy, a way to sweep all inconvenient scandals off the table, a manufactured kickstart for endless war and unlimited profit.

It was staged in a way for maximum shock value. When people have to confront a massive traumatic event they in essense are temporarily left vulnerable. As that terrible morning progressed, planted operatives recited the cover stories they wanted us to believe. The perpetrators of Black Tuesday knew they had a small window of opportunity to insert what they wanted into our heads while we stood shocked by what we were seeing and hearing.

This video shows some of that psyops at work.

Two things about what they intended to do. I was at the computer in one room and my wife was watching the television in the living room. I remember at one point yelling to her "Why do they keep repeating Osama Bin Laden's name over and over?"
Later that day and in subsequent days it became obvious to me that it had all happened as a springboard. Every time one of the criminals opened his mouth it was to tell us that "We're gonna punish them, and also punish anybody who harbors them."

Then the US invaded and bombed the shit out of Afghanistan.


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