Thursday, February 08, 2007

There Are No Backup Plans

The occupiers' plan now seems to be - Ratchet up the "fighting" in and around Baghdad, meaning abundant use of air strikes in heavily populated areas. They seem to be following the zionist final solution for the palestinians. Large sections of the city are becoming a stifling police state hell:

"Joint army checkpoints are now in place under dozens of flyovers, protected by tanks and barbed wire - not to mention those provoking extra traffic jams in Baghdad's scarred boulevards. Nobody can drive from central Baghdad to Sadr City without passing through a massive checkpoint swarming with army and police commandos. Sadr City is under police commandos. Most bridges over the Tigris River are blocked."

"Now, the Bush "surge" is officially beginning. Little about it is strikingly new or untried -- except possibly the unspoken urge to ratchet up the use of air power in Iraq, the only thing a Pentagon with desperately overstretched ground forces really has to throw into the escalation breach (as in recent months it has drastically escalated the use of air power in Afghanistan). Pepe Escobar, the superb globe-trotting correspondent for Asia Times, has recently warned that the new Bush administration "plan" signals "the dire prospect... of a devastating air war over Baghdad" in which "Iraqification-cum-surge" will prove "a disaster mostly for every Baghdadi caught in the crossfire."

Like these poor souls today - "A U.S. airstrike Thursday killed 13 insurgents in a volatile area west of Baghdad, the military said. Local officials said 45 civilians, including women and children, died in the attack."

While the spineless democrats dither about the wording of non binding garbage in congress. the warmongers are busy building towards their goal of setting the whole middle east on fire. The scumbags in Washington have no intention of backing off on any of this - does anybody think this stuff through? Does anybody think that after all this effort the occupiers will just roll up their razor wire, sweep the streets, smile and withdraw? This stupidly named 'surge' is a final push to provoke intense resentment and backlash intending to create the american casualties that will be the pretext for launching a war on Iran.
Those 20,000 extra troops? Someone's got to protect the Green Zone when it's mission accomplished.


Blogger Fred Z said...

Pepe Escobar's GLOBALISTAN: HOW THE GLOBALIZED WORLD IS DISSOLVING INTO LIQUID WAR is up and available on and via Nimble Books:

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