Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flexing Your Prewar Muscle

Iran is expected to launch a spy satellite, sooner than later - "The Israeli Web site, which maintains a wide circle of sources within Israeli intelligence, has claimed that Tehran may soon launch its own surveillance satellite. The booster vehicle would be a BM25 ballistic missile, "18 of which were purchased from North Korea, notwithstanding Pyongyang's denials of aid to Iran's nuclear program," Debka said in a report published Jan. 28."
(Note - DEBKAfile is usually disinfo unless reporting hard news)

They began a two day cruise missile exercise - "A spokesman of the paramilitary revolutionary guards (IRGC) told IRNA that the 'specialized war game' will start on Wednesday in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman in south Iran and launch missile tests.
The IRGC held a military manoeuvre last month in central Iran during which two homemade, short-range missiles Zelzal and Fajr-5 missiles with 100 and 75 kilometre ranges respectively were fired and reportedly achieved the desired results.
During military exercises last November, the IRGC tested three new types of land-to-sea and sea-to-sea missiles Noor, Nasr and Kowsar, which have a range of 120 kilometres.
According to the IRGC, the range of three missiles could even be increased to 170 kilometres so that the entire Persian Gulf, from the Straits of Hormuz and most of the Sea of Oman, would come within Iran's range."

Surface to air missiles too - "The Guards on Wednesday successfully test-fired a new Russian-made air defence missile system, whose delivery last month sparked bitter US criticism.
TOR-M1 surface-to-air missiles were shown being fired from mobile vehicle launchers and successfully taking out their targets.
In 2005, Tehran and Moscow signed a contract for the purchase of 29 TOR-M1 missile systems estimated to be worth 700 million dollars (540 million euros)."

Oh yeah? says the US - "The Air Force launched an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile early Wednesday, officials said, in a test flight that blasted open a 105-ton silo door for the first time in years. The Minuteman 3 missile's dummy warhead traveled about 4,200 miles in about 20 minutes, hitting a target at the Kwajalein Atoll in the western chain of the Marshall Islands."


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