Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unlimited Funds For Empire, Katrina And This At Home

Homeless dumping

"A paraplegic man wearing a soiled hospital gown and a broken colostomy bag was found crawling in a gutter in skid row in Los Angeles on Thursday after allegedly being dumped in the street by a Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center van, police said.
The incident, witnessed by more than two dozen people, was described by police as a particularly outrageous case of "homeless dumping" that has plagued the downtown area.
Police describe the homeless people who congregate around Gladys Park, in the heart of skid row, as a tough crowd who have seen much and say little.
But there was no shortage of people willing to describe what they saw about 10:45 a.m. Thursday morning, when the white hospital van pulled up several feet from the curb."They were lining up to give their story," Long said. "They were collectively appalled. We were as shocked as the homeless folks."
Witnesses told police that the man propped himself up in the door of the van. He then hurled himself from the vehicle, tumbling to the street. He pulled himself along, dragging a bag of his belongings in his clenched teeth.
Police said several people began shouting at the driver, who in addition to applying makeup was more concerned that the seats of the van had been soiled, investigators said."

Sure, you're gonna get people who say it wasn't PMC policy, the driver wasn't trained, blah blah.
The fact of the matter is that something like this, happening repeatedly in large cities across the country speaks volumes about what we've become.
The one bright spot in the story is that the tramps, the vagabonds, the homeless who saw this rushed to help the poor guy.


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