Thursday, February 15, 2007

Phantom Terror Group Plastered All Over News

The global Al Qaeda hoodwink seems to have gone into overdrive this week. Our overlords probably need to jam the name of the CIA front into our faces as a lead up to their splashy synthetic events designed to widen perpetual war. It's interesting how successful they were in establishing "Al Qaeda" as a shadowy yet real entity, seemingly all powerful and full of venomous hatred and of course behind all the bombings worldwide. Government flacks and newscasters alike blithely mention the phony group as an a priori fact, taken for granted and as absolute as the sun rising in the east. It shows you how effective their psy ops are to get us all afraid and willing to suspend rational thinking while entrusting the very criminals who pull off the terrorist attacks.
"Almost no one questions this myth about al-Qaida because so many people have got an interest in keeping it alive." says one researcher.

In Spain the trial began for the people who authorities claim blew up trains in March of 2004. Of course they were inspired by AQ, say authorities, however there is plenty of evidence some of them were connected to Spanish Security Services. Instead of the dynamite story peddled to a gullible public, three types of bombs were used, including military explosives.

Oil facilities are all a-twitter after our menacing omnipresent AQ "called for attacks on suppliers of oil to the US around the world."

Meanwhile the emerging African AQ contingent is claiming to be responsible for bombs going off in Algeria and is reporting on websites that it's busy also in Morocco and Tunisia. Funny how it's given prominent play as being connected to the guys blamed for the Madrid bombings at the same time they go on trial. Funny also how "Al Qaeda websites" seem to operate so freely.

It's all over the news that the head of the plainly-named-so-the-dolts-will-get-it "Al Qaeda in Iraq" was wounded in fighting north of Baghdad. You've seen his face, of course, AQ has to have a face to go with the myth, at least partially, it's part of the propaganda model. So if this guy bites it you can be sure some other mug will gain his 15 minutes of fame.

An AQ recruitment drive is thwarted in France.

AQ Mr. Big number two gave bush the finger and called him a jackal. On those untraceable websites of course.

Busy, busy, busy. This constant flow of manipulated garbage has one primary reason - it's meant as booster shot of fear to once again remind us of 9/11, and most definitely is setting the stage for for the fascists' next big act. They realize to bamboozle most people, with their short attention spans, the message has to be buttressed by constant reference - they're out there, they do bad things, they hate you, and anything is possible now.


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