Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Border In Name Only

The Mexican border is a funny creature. It exists on maps but in reality it takes many forms - a hurdle for an illegal immigrant, a pet project for insane lawmakers, an obsession for racists, a humanitarian cause. It could be that this year the border isn't going to be on the back burner anymore because aside from the weather things appear to be heating up.

Mexico is deploying 3,000 troops to the border ostensibly to battle drugs, but it seems the troops already there do anything but battle drugs:

"In early 2006, a typical example of these disturbing incidents took place along the Texas-Mexico border. On January 23, Hudspeth County deputy sheriffs came upon a gang of drug smugglers operating with along with a Mexican military unit. When confronted by the deputies, the Mexican soldiers retreated to their Humvee and "took up a defensive position," said Sheriff Arvin West.The smugglers headed back across the river into Mexico. As one of their trucks became stuck in the water, the group unloaded the drugs and placed them into another vehicle. While this took place, the Mexican soldiers kept their rifles trained on the deputies. The truck still partially submerged, was then set ablaze."

Tijuana is already under martial law.

The US Border Patrol is also beefing up it's presence.

We know that the globalist plan to unite the US, Canada and Mexico into one state, the North American Union, is well under way. Back in March of 2005 Codpiece and then heads of state Vicente Fox and Paul Martin met in Texas to conspire to integrate all three countries. The US southern border with Mexico has been deliberately left wide open to allow millions of poor mexicans to flood into this country. About 10% of the Mexican population lives in america. A super duper highway to hell is presently in the initial stages of construction that essentially ignores the border between the two countries. Ready to pay for your groceries with the 'amero'?

I think the impetus to accelerate this process will come from our old friend the phony terror card. Just this past week Al CIAda announced it's intention to attack the various oil facilities that export to the US; nothing like announcing your plans well in advance to get the dummies all hot and bothered. Mexico responded by sending troops to guard their pipelines and refineries. Of course there actually could be another false flag attack to get Mexico and the US huddled closer together - it's not like that hasn't been tried before.

But anyway, fake president Codpiece will meet illegal president Calderon on a latin american tour in about two weeks time. I imagine we'll be hearing all kinds of joined-at-the-hip talk about how close the two nations are, as they confab about how the border should be done away with altogether.


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