Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ukrainian Army Ad

girl 1: would u take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW-driver: even to the end of the world!
soldier: hey, i’d like to drown some vodka, girls!
girl 1: just a second!
girl 2: where do you live?
soldier: right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
girl 1: which work???
soldier: contract of course!
blonde girl: contract?? marriage contract or what?
girl 3: army contract, stupid!
BMW driver: hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?
girls: forget it, take yourself for a ride!
narrator: it’s about time for new heroes! with contract based service in ukrainian armed fores!

Straight From The Media Whore's Piehole

Rush Limbacile - How I turned disease into profit

Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart

Selling body parts to make ends meet a sign of the times

"Throughout the ages, people have been doing whatever is necessary to keep body and soul together. The world has seen everything from men selling off their daughters for a few cows and sheep, to women being prostitutes. Today, it's selling body parts.

Today, the cash-strapped people who earn meager salaries, or have run out of unemployment benefits and can’t find work, are literally selling parts of themselves as their only means of carrying on. Selling body parts is not a new idea, but it’s being done more and more by more people today who never dreamed of doing such things."

Become A Police Officer


Friday, February 27, 2009

What Happens When You Threaten Lives And Defraud The Government?

Why, you get new US contracts

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Companies that defrauded the United States and jeopardized American lives received new government work despite rulings designed to stop them from receiving federal contracts, government investigators report.
Payments went to a company whose president tried to sell nuclear bomb parts to North Korea, a company that jeopardized lives on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and a seller of body armor that the Air Force said was defective.
The companies were on a government database of 70,000 individuals and businesses suspended or barred by various U.S. agencies from receiving government contract work."

Various excuses then follow.

Red States Consume More Porn

Too stupid to find it for free?

"According to a new Harvard Business School study, eight of the top ten states in terms of online porn consumption were ones where McCain won in the presidential election."

Another Sad Wussy American Story

Professor Called Police After Student Presentation

"For CCSU (Central Connecticut State University) student John Wahlberg, a class presentation on campus violence turned into a confrontation with the campus police due to a complaint by the professor.
On October 3, 2008, Wahlberg and two other classmates prepared to give an oral presentation for a Communication 140 class that was required to discuss a “relevant issue in the media”. Wahlberg and his group chose to discuss school violence due to recent events such as the Virginia Tech shootings that occurred in 2007.
Shortly after his professor, Paula Anderson, filed a complaint with the CCSU Police against her student. During the presentation Wahlberg made the point that if students were permitted to conceal carry guns on campus, the violence could have been stopped earlier in many of these cases. He also touched on the controversial idea of free gun zones on college campuses.
That night at work, Wahlberg received a message stating that the campus police “requested his presence”. Upon entering the police station, the officers began to list off firearms that were registered under his name, and questioned him about where he kept them.
They told Wahlberg that they had received a complaint from his professor that his presentation was making students feel “scared and uncomfortable”.

It probably was only the teacher who was all atwitter.
And notice how the cops knew all about his guns.
This is why registration is opposed.

Our Sacrosanct Best Little Buddy

No criticism allowed

"Top Jewish leaders have now turned on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for daring to criticize Israel over the humanitarian aid to Gaza issue. She's not the Hillary we knew, they say.
Unfortunately for them, she is. They just got her mixed up with Tzipi Livni. Hillary is the Secretary of State of the United States, not Foreign Minister of Israel, or, let's be frank, a senator from New York.
Her job is to do what is right for America. And she understands, even if these "leaders" don't, that pursuing a policy that is good for America, that strengthens America, is good for Israel too.
One more thing. Hillary is a mother. She has to be forgiven for being utterly heartsick about the suffering of the kids in Gaza, 400 of whom were killed in the war."


"UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States has decided not to participate in a U.N. conference on racism in April unless the final document is changed to drop all references to Israel and its criticism of religion, a senior U.S. official said Friday.
The conference is a follow-up to the contentious 2001 conference in the South African city of Durban which was dominated by clashes over the Middle East and the legacy of slavery.
The U.S. and Israel walked out midway through that eight-day meeting over a draft resolution that singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism — the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state — to racism.

See how the zionists hide their ugly behavior behind judaism? Any criticism is automatically labelled antisemitic.

Tough Times For Repo Men

Violence up between repo men, car owners

"HALSELL, Ala. (AP) — Alone in his mobile home off a winding dirt road, Jimmy Tanks heard a commotion at 2:30 a.m. just outside his bedroom window: Somebody was messing with his car.
The 67-year-old railroad retiree grabbed a gun, walked out the back door and confronted not a thief but a repo man and two helpers trying to tow off the Chrysler Sebring. Shots were fired, and Tanks wound up dead, a bullet in his chest.
The man who came to repossess the car, Kenneth Alvin Smith, is awaiting trial on a murder charge in a state considered a Wild West territory even by the standards of an industry that's largely unregulated nationally. Since Tanks' death last June, two other repo men from the same company Smith worked for were shot, one fatally."

About Those Bank Assurances

FDIC reserves dwindle fast

When a bank fails, the FDIC pays up to $250,000 to each account-holder to replace whatever money does not remain in the vaults. The fund is replenished by assessments on banks, but over the last year, much more money left than arrived. And the pace of bank failures continues to increase.

The fund held $52.4 billion at the beginning of 2008. One year and 25 bank failures later, the fund held $18.9 billion.

So far this year, 14 banks have failed, draining another $1.7 billion from the insurance fund.

Residents in Hampshire, England Forced To Consume Fluoride

War on tooth decay, nanny state declares

Despite 70% of the population not wanting it in the drinking water. I wonder why?

"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him."
Charles Perkins, chemist

Joe The Author

Plumbing New Lows in Interest

"Joe the Plumber (no longer a plumber; first name actually Samuel) popped into our town yesterday evening to sell his new book and to remind people that he's still a plain and simple guy. Mission accomplished, on at least one of his missions.
About 11 people wandered into the rows of seats set up hopefully in the basement of a downtown Border's bookstore to hear Joe speak. Joe addressed them from behind a lectern and with a microphone, but that seemed unnecessarily formal."

"Wurzelbacher was scheduled to speak and sign books for three hours, but the Joe Show was over in 55 minutes. Total copies of "Joe the Plumber" sold: five."

Our Best Little Buddy Loves it's Malicious Snitfests

Israel Blocks Pasta Shipment to Gaza

"JERUSALEM - For more than seven weeks, the international aid group Mercy Corps has been trying to send 90 tons of macaroni to the isolated Gaza Strip as part of a global campaign to help the 1.4 million Palestinians there rebuild their lives after Israel's recent devastating 22-day military operation.

he isolated Gaza Strip as part of a global campaign to help the 1.4 million Palestinians there rebuild their lives after Israel's recent devastating 22-day military operation. Israel, which controls most of what goes into and out of Gaza, has said no repeatedly.(McClatchy Newspapers photo)Israel, which controls most of what goes into and out of Gaza, has said no repeatedly.
At first, Israeli officials said that they wanted to make sure that the macaroni wasn't destined for a Hamas charity. Then they said macaroni was banned because they didn't consider it an essential food item."

Israel bans cloths, shoes into Gaza

"Ali al-Hayek, head of Industries Federation, said the Israeli occupation prevented these sorts of goods from entering Gaza Strip "since they could be used in producing military uniforms."

Israel bans school supplies from Gaza

"The trucks are carrying paper destined for the fabrication of school supplies such as children's textbooks. A statement issued by the institution warned that Palestinian children would be forced to attend school without any of the basic necessities such as pencils, pens and textbooks if the military directive isn't reversed."

Israel blocking everything

Israel bans Wagner

Israel bans pop singer

The former Cat Stevens.

Will It Ever Be Called A Depression?

The country's social fabric is being torn to shreds

"Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- In California’s Contra Costa County, 40,000 families are applying for just 350 affordable-housing vouchers. Church-operated pantries are running out of food. Crisis calls have more than doubled in the city of Antioch, where the Family Stress Center occupies the site of a former bank.
The worst financial crisis in seven decades is forcing thousands of previously middle-income workers to seek social services, overwhelming local agencies, clinics and nonprofits. Each month 16,000 people, including many who were making $60,000 to $100,000 annually just a few years ago, fill four county offices requesting financial, medical or food assistance.
“Unless we do things differently, not only will we continue to be on life support, but the power to the machine is going to die,” said county Supervisor Federal Glover, who represents Antioch and the cities of Pittsburg and Oakley about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of San Francisco."

California has always been a bellwether for the rest of the nation.

Corporate Mentality At It's Finest

Bet the farm that the golden arches gets raked over the coals for this one.

McDonald's to charge more in poorer suburbs

"McDONALD'S is lifting prices in poorer suburbs where it believes consumers are more likely to accept higher charges without complaint."
"McDonald's corporate communications manager Bronwyn Stubbs said the company developed prices according to "established research techniques..."

Like the well known fact that in tough economic times people will choose fast food with all it's lard and sugar.
Way to kick 'em while they're down!

After The Bush Mob Pissed On The Rest Of Them, This Crew Is Going After The 2nd Amendment

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

"The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today."

So here we go again. That idiotic "assault weapon" ban on certain guns and certain magazine capacity was a load of horseshit then and any new regulations will be a load of the same. Aside from being unconstitutional it didn't do squat except to create a nightmarish mess that a whole new class of bureaucratic assholes could exploit.

I'm not ever going to get into gun arguments again. Either people understand the issue or they never will. I'll only say this - with society falling apart, the worldwide economy a slow motion train wreck and the future so uncertain it keeps us from sleeping, now more than ever the people need to rely on themselves for self protection. And it can't be more obvious as the days go by, it's protection from the forces that want to take our firearms away.

Why doesn't the government have our rights and interests first and foremost? They don't because they are now a rogue entity, dictating to the sheep.

They let slip all the time what they think of us. Further along in this article Attorney General Holder mused about infringing on our second amendment rights as if it was just another policy decision from on high with ancillary impact across the border - “I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.” Apparently that's more important than his oath to defend our constitution.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Why We Fight"...


Hollywood to make 30 anti-Iranian movies

"Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi, has said that Hollywood film makers have thirty anti-Iranian movies in the offing.
"Hollywood has thirty anti-Iranian movies in the offing with the subject of hostility towards Iran's historical and Islamic identity," Qashqavi told reporters at a weekly news conference in Tehran on Monday."

Oh, that's right, they are ugly cusses.

One Political Leader Who Does It Right

Brazil President Celebrates Carnaval Tossing Condoms to Crowd

"Minimum clothing plus bubbles, feathers and glitter exposing spectacular bodies blended to offer the first night of parades in Rio do Janeiro's Carnaval, as the city's samba schools battled for top honors in what Brazilians proudly consider the world's largest party.
The first night of parades lasted from Sunday into early Monday morning with Brazilian celebrities and slum dwellers dancing side by side and with the presence of President Lula da Silva the first president in some fifteen years to attend the Rio parades."

"Later the Brazilian president also took the anti-AIDS campaign into his own hands when he began tossing out condoms to Carnaval revelers early Monday.

Energy Dept Cannot Account For Nuclear Materials At 15 Locations

Way to go, you incompetents who are tasked with oversight

"A number of institutions with licenses to hold nuclear material reported to the Energy Department in 2004 that the amount of material they held was less than agency records indicated. But rather than investigating the discrepancies, Energy officials wrote off significant quantities of nuclear material from the department's inventory records.
That's just one of the findings of a
report released on Monday by Energy Department Inspector General Gregory Friedman that concluded "the department cannot properly account for and effectively manage its nuclear materials maintained by domestic licensees and may be unable to detect lost or stolen material."
Auditors found that Energy could not accurately account for the quantities and locations of nuclear material at 15 out of 40, or 37 percent, of facilities reviewed.

The materials written off included 20,580 grams of enriched uranium, 45 grams of plutonium, 5,001 kilograms of normal uranium and 189,139 kilograms of depleted uranium."

"A thousandth of a gram of plutonium taken into the lungs as invisible specks of dust will kill anyone -- a death from massive fibrosis of the lungs in a matter of hours, or at most a few days. Even a millionth of a gram is likely, eventually, to cause lung or bone cancer." John McPhee

Fox News Anchor Or Porn Star?

Take the quiz

I didn't do well and got only 3/10 because I don't watch television and had to guess, but I suppose that was the point of the exercise.

Happy Al Dente Wednesday

A young pastafarian observes the day

Insane Murderers Want World War

Clinton goes to Israel for her marching orders

Israel lobbies for war on Iran

"In a direct reference to a possible military option, Barak urged Washington to consider "alternatives other than tougher sanctions..."

Translating The Gobbledegook

They're clueless liars. by Mish Shedlock

"Inquiring minds are asking "To what extent is the Fed is in the dark?" Amazingly Bernanke answered that question today in Congress with complete candor. All you need to know is how to translate his statements. Please consider Bernanke tells Congress Fed knows what it is doing .

Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke tried to assure Congress and investors that federal regulators are not grasping at straws in the response to the financial crisis."We're not making it up," Bernanke told the House Financial Services panel."We're working along a program that has been applied in various contexts.""We're not completely in the dark."
My Translation : "We're making it up as we go along""We have no idea what we are doing so the program changes every day""We are completely in the dark"
Bernanke is trying to reinforce his message to Congress that the Fed and the Obama administration now have at least the outlines of a bank rescue plan in place that will show results over time and that banks are not on an out-of-control course to nationalization.
My Comment : The only reason banks are not on an "out-of-control course to nationalization" is Bernanke is on an "out-of-control" mission to rescue banks regardless of what it costs taxpayers.
Bernanke assurance Tuesday to the Senate Banking Committee that the federal government doesn't want to nationalize the nation's largest banks was cited as a major factor in the stock market's rebound. Bernanke said regulators would ensure than banks did not turn into zombie banks.
My Comment : Now Bernanke wants to take credit for a one day relief rally as if correlation was causation. Furthermore, it's impossible for banks to turn into Zombie banks. They are already Zombie Banks, kept alive by the blood of taxpayers as explained in Bernanke's Hide and Seek Delaying Tactics .
Bernanke said that the government was prepared to inject capital to fix holes in the banks caused to the sudden sharp drop in their assets. But the size of the holes remains an open question.
My Comment : If the size of the holes is "an open question" then so is the amount of taxpayer blood needed to rescue them.
Rep. Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat and chairman of the House panel, told members to curb their anger for the cost of the bailout. He said that it was impossible to send all culprits in the crisis to the gallows.
My Comment : For starters we should send the Fed, Geithner, and Barney Frank to the gallows."

Because We're All Potential Terrorists

Big Brother spy planes that track the Taliban may soon hover over your home - UK Daily Mail

"Pilotless planes used to track the Taliban could soon be hovering over our streets, it has emerged.
Remote-controlled drones are already used widely by the military. Now ministers believe they are likely to become ‘increasingly useful’ for police work.
Armed with heat-seeking cameras, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles would hover hundreds of feet in the air, gathering intelligence and watching suspects."

They'll come in handy to identify us after we're implanted with our biometric tracking devices.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Thought This Was An Onion Piece

But it's not.

George Bush plans world tour

"Former President George W. Bush will embark next month on a series of speeches that will take him to Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, advisers said. The former president already has plans for about 10 speeches over the next year, and will do more."

I fervently hope this ill advised tour turns exceedingly sour, with probems at every stop. Perhaps we can even witness his criminal ass aprehended for crimes against humanity.
I see shoes, plenty of shoes.

Dirty, Murderous Cops Sent Away For Years

Homes of Minnesota politicians vandalized for supporting the fraudulent banker bailout

"The bombing campaign is now in it's 13th year."

"Beginner's luck."

Pelosi Pays A Stipend

Not minimum wage.

Sugar Coat That Murder Frenzy

US official: Gaza reconstruction aid to top $900M

"JERUSALEM (AP) -- United States aid for the Gaza Strip's reconstruction will likely top $900 million, an official said, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepared to make her first Mideast trip as America's top diplomat."

The pattern repeats. First the US lavishes billions in military aid to Israel who blows the shit out of Gaza, and now we offer almost a billion to Gaza to reconstruct what was blown up. Notice Hillary ain't going nowhere near Gaza's devastation.

Why do this? Well the first thing is the obvious propaganda value as the Obama's administration continues to throw dollars at anything and everything. Also that aid money won't go through Hamas, the democratically elected government of Gaza, who's fallen out of zionist favor. The Gazans are in a desperate situation after a stifling embargo and the utter catastrophe from murderous bombing, so they can't afford to reject all the strings attached to the funds. I would assume the usual culprits will get in on the action, namely Halliburton.

Mostly though it's probably just another scam to suck funds from taxpayers and the poor palestinians won't see squat, aside from a few coats of paint a la Iraq.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here Comes The Repression

Urban Warfare Drills Linked To Coming Economic Rage

"Urban warfare training drills are taking place across the country as top analysts as well as officials predict a potential “summer of rage” across Europe and America as civil unrest from the economic fallout builds."

We're seeing a lot of advance warning that people will explode this summer all over the world. It's already started. How will "authorities" respond in this country?

Why did you think bankruptcy laws were tightened and other safety nets removed?

Why do you think wiretapping was made legal?

Why the big push for RFID?

Why the unrestricted use of tasers by cops?

Who do you think the microwave weapons were for?

Who do you think the sound wave weapons were for?

Why did a bill pass that allowed the government to declare americans to be enemy combatants?

Why was torture and indefinate detention legalized?

Who did you think those Halliburton detention camps were for?

And for those naive enough to think this new president will change the miserable path we've been on, who considers the good cop a friend when he comes into the holding pen at the precinct after a thorough thrashing by the bad cop -

Obama Continues Bush Policy of Deadly Air Strikes

Obama continues Bush policy on state secrets

Obama continues Bush policy on detainees: Indefinite detention, no legal rights

Obama continues Bush school policy

Obama Maintains Bush Position on 'Extraordinary Rendition' Lawsuit

Obama Continues Bush Foreign Policy on Europe, Iran and Russia

Civil Liberties? Bush Lite.

You know, history shows when our overlords needed to do something that they knew a majority of americans opposed, they always had the party ostensibly opposed to the action do the dirty work. Sort of like a crve ball when you least expected it.

So they had avowed commie hater Nixon travel to and begin relations with Red China and innumerable, supposedly pacifist democrats, start wars. When the internal crackdown begins, if it hasn't already done so, most people will be lulled by the fact that Obama is perceived to be the savior come to bring us out of the cesspit that was the Bush era. That trust will be um, misplaced, as this administration has wholeheartedly pocketed all the egregious excesses the previous criminals institutionalized.

1984 was an instruction booklet.

"We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us; so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him. It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be. Even in the instance of death we cannot permit any deviation . . . we make the brain perfect before we blow it out."

added - Obama rides wave of popularity ahead of first Congress address

added - Army begins stockpiling riot gear

Stick A Fork In It

AMEX Offers $300 Gift Card to CLOSE Your Account

"In an effort to curb the growing loan deficiencies and defaults, American Express is offering its cardholders a $300 gift card to close their account and pay off the balance by May 1st.
The scheme comes as ratings agencies have warned that rising credit-card delinquencies could push the charge-off rate into the double digits by the end of the year from December’s record level of 7.7% amid rising unemployment rates. The offer is also a stark contrast to previous incentives, like frequent flyer miles and cash-back deals, offered by card issuers to encourage consumers to open an account."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today We Are Making Meals From The Depression

Oh Those Satanic Signals

"We Haven't Had A Chance To Change The Video"

Flashback to the Rodney King verdict riots. If you'll notice, none of the Korean businesses you see are burning. However, just at the very end, the news whore gets his marching orders to tell viewers those Korean shops indeed "have been hit", whatever that means.

Notice also the various subtle pleas for "authorities" to intervene, as if the shopkeepers who are taking responsibility for their destiny are somehow doing something wrong.

This social breakdown is probably going to be seen again in the near future.
Please remember that it's not only your right, but your duty to defend your well being and that of your loved ones, friends and your property. No "authorities" are going to do that. Don't let the newsfakers convince you otherwise.

Domain Trainwrecks

The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs

1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it…
2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views
3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island
4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder
5. Then of course, there’s the Italian Power Generator company…
6. And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South
7. If you’re looking for computer software, there’s
8. Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. Their website
9. Then, of course, there’s these brainless art designers, and their whacky
10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website

When You Realize You've Become The Bad Guys

A Series of Suicides Unnerves West Point

"Last week, the academy — where the Army trains its future leaders and admission is highly prized — began a “stand down,” 30-day suicide-prevention program with an Army-wide training session that includes a new interactive video. It depicts a suicidal soldier and choices he confronts as he spirals downward: One set of choices leads to improved mental health, the other to tragedy."

3/4 Of Bush Mob Get Resumés Rejected

Nearly 75% of ex-Bush officials looking for jobs are unemployed

"While the market for job-seekers in the United States might be sour, for most it isn't as impenetrable as it is for the nearly 3,000 former members of the Bush administration.Between 70-75 percent who are looking for full-time work still haven't found new jobs, according to a Saturday report by the Wall St. Journal.
"That 'is much, much worse' than when Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton left the White House," Carlos M. Gutierrez, who served as Bush's commerce secretary, told the paper."

Deadbeat Criminal Offered Position, He Refuses

"Described as part-time, the job would have left Mr Bush time to work on his presidential library and write about his two terms at the White House."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cop Mentality Follies

Police Assault Woman Who Called for Help; Then Sue News Station Who Exposes Them

"Hope Steffey called 911 after being assaulted by her cousin. When the police arrived, Hope was "mistakenly" treated as the perpetrator, arrested, taken to jail, subjected to a full-body strip search by male and female officers in violation of the sheriff's department's own policy, and left naked in a cell for six hours."

Cops clock man driving 137 mph in '93 Honda Civic


Cop Who Shoved Cyclist Fired by NYPD, Faces 4 Year Sentence

Cop gets away with beating up elderly Wal-Mart greeter

"On Christmas Eve, 71-Year-Old Bill Walker was shoved against a vending machine and then pushed to the floor by Chattanooga Police Detective Kenneth Freeman. The altercation took place when Walker, a Wal-Mart greeter, asked to see Freeman's receipt.
Gholom Ghassedi, a Wal-Mart customer, came to Walker's aide, telling the officer "You can't push down an old man!" then proceeded to struggle with Freeman. Ghassedi was then shoved through a glass door by Det. Freeman, which cut Ghassedi's neck.
Officer McPherson had to break up Ghessedi and Freeman's fight. Walker filed the complaint himself after Collegedale Police refused to bring charges against Freeman. After reviewing his complaint, Judge Kevin Wilson declined to issue assault charges.

Above cop's son being taught well
"The son of the city detective charged in the Collegedale Wal-Mart assault case is facing charges of his own in connection with an incident with his girlfriend."
"She said Freeman proceeded to unscrew the antenna off her vehicle and began letting the air out of her tires. He told her if she did not let him in that "things will just get worse," the report says.Ms. Houston said Freeman grabbed the garbage can and dumped the trash on the back porch.He then got her barbeque grill and threw it at her car, breaking the front passenger window."

Bonus Cattle Prod News - Cop uses taser on 90 pound autistic kid

Rained Again On Mars

Aging Mars Rover Gets a Power Boost

"NASA's aging Mars rover Spirit has a bit more power under its hood thanks to some Martian winds that cleaned dust from its vital solar panels.
The handy cleaning occurred earlier this month and was discovered by engineers scanning data from Spirit's power subsystem.
"We will be able to use this energy to do significantly more driving," said Colette Lohr, a rover mission manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif. "Our drives have been averaging about 50 minutes, and energy has usually been the limiting factor. We may be able to increase that to drives of an hour and a half."
The last time winds scoured Spirit's solar array clean was in June 2007, but a massive dust storm on Mars later that year piled new grit atop the rover, mission managers said."

Get Set To Pay More For Food

Drought to Cut Off Federal Water to CA Farms

"(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Federal water managers said Friday that they plan to cut off water, at least temporarily, to thousands of California farms as a result of the deepening drought gripping the state."
"Farmers in the nation's No. 1 agriculture state predicted it would cause consumers to pay more for their fruits and vegetables, which would have to be grown using expensive well water."

It couldn't come at a worse time. Almost as if situations are deliberately being exacerbated to create more hardships for the american people. At the same time the dollar approaches Pesoville this summer because the printing presses have been churning them out non stop, food is going to go through the roof and might also be scarce.
Beans, rice, shotguns and water filters.

A Second Civil War?

Firestorm Brewing Between U.S. States and Federal Government - States May Be Getting Ready To Dissolve Our Federal Government

"Could this be an ominous shadow drawing on the end of the United States of America? For years the Federal Government has presumed to be the all-powerful force governing our country, but it just could be that the Federal Government only exists at the pleasure of the state governments and the citizens thereof. States declaring sovereignty sounds like an act of secession and revolution. However the federal government can apparently be dissolved and another one formed anew at the discretion of the states. The existing Federal government may not leave willingly like so many European governments that are replaced routinely and it may engage a military effort with our own soldiers or the likes of a Black Water illegal military invasion to retain total control over us."

"A growing number of states are declaring their sovereignty afforded under the U S Constitution’s Tenth Amendment however the conventional news media are not telling you about what is happening. The State of Washington on Wednesday - 11 February 2009 and most recently, New Hampshire [2009], Montana [2009], Hawaii [2009], Michigan [2009], Missouri [2009], Arizona [2008], Oklahoma [2008], Georgia [1996], and California [1994] all of which have introduced bills and resolutions declaring and reaffirming their sovereignty. Some other states have done this in the past but then let the issue go. Additionally, the states of Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine, and Illinois are considering similar measures. More well may follow, such as Wyoming and Mississippi."

Obama Tops Son Of God In Harris Poll

"When asked who they admire enough to call a hero, more Americans named President Barack Obama than any other figure. Even Jesus Christ."

"God ranked eleventh, between Mother Teresa and Hillary Clinton."

Jeebus really has bombed in the last few years.

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Proof "Al Qaeda" Is A Lie

Al-Qaida fantasist tells court: I'm a professional liar

"A British man who fooled the media into believing he was an al-Qaida insider has admitted in court that he made up the claims.
Hassan Butt received significant media attention for his claims to have helped send scores of Britons to terrorist training camps overseas and to have met Mohammad Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the 7 July 2005 attacks on London.
Butt was the former spokesman for the extremist group al-Muhajiroun and was invited to meet a government minister to discuss ways to combat terrorism, as well as featuring heavily in BBC News, national newspaper and US television reports on al-Qaida.
However at a trial of another man accused of terrorist offences, Butt said he had told journalists stories "the media wanted to hear", admitting that he was "a professional liar". He also admitted faking his own injuries to make it appear that he had been attacked by extremist Muslims."

Flashbacks -
Israeli agents accused of creating fake al-Qaeda cell
Fake Al Qaeda Tape
Another Fake Al Qaeda Tape

No Fans When Sweden Plays The Pariah

No fans when Sweden hosts Israel for Davis Cup

"MALMO, Sweden (AP)—Sweden and Israel will play their first-round Davis Cup match in an empty arena next month because of security concerns.
Several anti-Israeli demonstrations are planned during the best-of-five series, which will be played March 6-8 at the 4,000-seat Baltic Hall.
Malmo officials announced the decision after a vote on the issue in the city’s recreational committee. The Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Left Party won the vote 5-4 after a long debate.
The committee said it could not guarantee security for the fans.
“It’s a high-risk match,” committee chairman Bengt Forsberg was quoted as saying by Swedish news agency TT."

The Insanity Has Now Formed A Perfect Loop

Governor of NY wants to tax your taxes

"ALBANY — Gov. David Paterson's proposals to tax non-diet soda, iTunes downloads and even haircuts are well known by now. But did you know he wants to tax your tax filings, too?

Tucked into the governor's 2009-2010 budget proposal is a plan to levy a $10 fee for income taxes that are filed on paper rather than electronically."

Retail History

Somewhere around 1/4 million stores might go out of business this year.
However, the price of coke is going to get quite reasonable.

How We Go Down

The five stages of collapse - Dmitri Orlov

"Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in "business as usual" is lost. The future is no longer assumed resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.

Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that "the market shall provide" is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down, and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm.

Stage 3: Political collapse. Faith that "the government will take care of you" is lost. As official attempts to mitigate widespread loss of access to commercial sources of survival necessities fail to make a difference, the political establishment loses legitimacy and relevance.

Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that "your people will take care of you" is lost, as local social institutions, be they charities or other groups that rush in to fill the power vacuum run out of resources or fail through internal conflict.

Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for "kindness, generosity, consideration, affection, honesty, hospitality, compassion, charity" (Turnbull, The Mountain People). Families disband and compete as individuals for scarce resources. The new motto becomes "May you die today so that I die tomorrow" (Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago). There may even be some cannibalism.

How Bad Is Print Media Doing?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Secret US Base Exosed In Pakistan By Google Earth

Google will now be an 'enemy combatant'

"A satellite image captured by Google Earth reveals that the United States secretly operates drones from a military base inside Pakistan. A Google Earth image revealed on Thursday that US forces fly unmanned drones from the Shamsi airbase in the restive southwestern province of Baluchistan.

The image obtained by the The News shows three drones outside a hangar at the end of the airbase runway.

A compound on the other side of the runway appears to have sufficient housing for several dozen personnel.

The base is located about 50 kilometers from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and is located in a way that allows US forces to launch drone attacks within minutes of an order."

Meanwhile, Google Ocean Finds Atlantis On Seabed

"It shows a perfect rectangle the size of Wales lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean nearly 3½ miles down.
A host of criss-crossing lines, looking like a map of a vast metropolis, are enclosed by the boundary

The large rectangle is then about 170 miles long by 100 miles wide. This could get interesting.

Such A Coincidence

Cousin of 9/11 patsy arrested in Lebanon as Israeli spy

"MARAJ, Lebanon — For 25 years, Ali al-Jarrah managed to live on both sides of the bitterest divide running through this region. To friends and neighbors, he was an earnest supporter of the Palestinian cause, an affable, white-haired family man who worked as an administrator at a nearby school.
To Israel, he appears to have been a valued spy, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983."

Zionists Want US-Iran Talks Short So They Can Get Their War On

Barak: Iran raid 'difficult' during US talks

"Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday that once the new administration of President Barack Obama started dialogue with Tehran over its disputed nuclear program, any efforts to militarily take out Iranian nuclear facilities would become more difficult."

Also sniff that war crimes charges about Gaza slaughter are "legal terror"

"War crimes charges brought abroad against Israeli soldiers and officers involved in Operation Cast Lead are nothing but "legal terrorism," Col. Liron Liebman, who heads the military prosecution's international law department, said Wednesday."

Our Overlords Dribble Reality To Us In Small Doses

A little over four years ago the Opportunity rover on Mars had a problem. Grit and dust had built up on the solar panel and it wasn't generating much electricity, down to around 500 watt hours a day from a maximum of 900.

Then a miracle happened overnight. The solar panel suddenly got cleaned off and seemed good as new. The chief scientist scratched his head in wonder:

"Spirit’s pretty dirty," he told "Opportunity looks like it just came off the showroom floor. We do not understand the process well."


The common explanation at the time was that fortuitous gusts of wind like those dust devils seen at times on the planet -


came along and got rid of the accumulated filth.
Now, when was the last time a gust of wind came along and cleaned off your car windshield? No? Well maybe it's not a valid comparison because of road oils and those squished bugs, but here's my point. Dust devils or any other wind gusts don't clean surfaces off, they make them dustier and dirtier. Leave a flat surface alone for a few months, or don't move a car in your driveway and see what happens to the glass.

To this pair of eyes, what happened was, it rained, probably hard enough to clean the dust off. But the problem is the official story has it that that's impossible on Mars, a frigid, thin atmosphered and dry old prune of a planet. Water would immediately evaporate and it can't rain there.
But soon after that mysterious overnight car wash a picture was released by JPL, where the rover's camera was pointed down at it's own track. You tell me what you see in the track's indentation, lower right:


A puddle? But, that can't be! We're told Mars is too dry, too cold, too dead for that to happen! Liquid water might have once existed there millions and billions of years ago but the atmosphere simply won't allow it now.

Well, I guess it's time for the latest little infodribble to get us a little more ready for the big kahuna blockbuster that Mars is crawling and squeaking and smelly with life forms.

Photo: Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?


"Liquid droplets seem to form and move on the leg of the Phoenix Mars lander, as seen in images taken on days 8, 31, and 44 (seen above from left to right) of the craft's mission."

Actually, scientists knew from the very start of the space program that Mars has standing water. Photos from Mariner 4 showed lakes and streams but we weren't supposed to know that for a long time until our overlords decided it was appropriate to tell us. The entire universe is chockablock with life and Mars is no exception. But we were to be kept in the dark, drugged, stupid and preoccupied with petty distractions and religious idiocy.



Knowledge is restricted to our betters, you see.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Forget, Repeat

Obama OKs 17,000 new troops for Afghanistan

"WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama approved adding some 17,000 U.S. troops for the flagging war in Afghanistan, his first significant move to change the course of a conflict that his closest military advisers have warned the United States is not winning."

U.S. supply routes to Afghanistan suffer two huge blows

"MOSCOW — The U.S.-led campaign against the Taliban suffered two logistical blows Tuesday as the president of Kyrgyzstan announced that he'd shut a U.S. airbase in his country and insurgents in Pakistan blew up a bridge, disrupting the main U.S. supply route into Afghanistan.
The developments were the latest reminders of the vulnerability of the long and complex transportation system on which the 60,000 U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan depend for fuel, ammunition, construction materials and a great deal more."

Teutoburg Forest in Germany will always be known as the scene of one of the most famous battles in history, the clades Variana, the humiliating defeat of the Roman general Varus. In September of the year 9, a coalition of Germanic tribes, led by Arminius, annihilated three entire legions and forced their commander Publius Quintilius Varus to commit suicide. The result of the battle was that the German tribes remained independent and were never included in the Roman empire.

15 to 20 thousand legionnaires and their mercenaries were strung out in a miles long marching formation in torrential rain, which made their bows useless and their shields waterlogged. The German warriors attacked and after a two day rout slaughtered them all, with few casualties themselves.

Emperor Augustus went mad, banging his head on walls and shouting Quintili Vare, legiones redde! ('Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!').

Distressed Homeowner Tactic - Prove It

Homeowners' rallying cry: Produce the note

"ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (AP) — Kathy Lovelace lost her job and was about to lose her house, too. But then she made a seemingly simple request of the bank: Show me the original mortgage paperwork.
And just like that, the foreclosure proceedings came to a standstill.
Lovelace and other homeowners around the country are managing to stave off foreclosure by employing a strategy that goes to the heart of the whole nationwide mess.
During the real estate frenzy of the past decade, mortgages were sold and resold, bundled into securities and peddled to investors. In many cases, the original note signed by the homeowner was lost, stored away in a distant warehouse or destroyed.
Persuading a judge to compel production of hard-to-find or nonexistent documents can, at the very least, delay foreclosure, buying the homeowner some time and turning up the pressure on the lender to renegotiate the mortgage.
"I'm going to hang on for dear life until they can prove to me it belongs to them," said Lovelace, a 50-year-old divorced mother who owns a $200,000 home in Zephyrhills, near Tampa. "I'll try everything I can because it's all I have left."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One More Reason Not To Report Anything

Freeway Corpse Identified, Man Who Found It Arrested

"The man whose body was found near the 405 Freeway on Friday has been identified as being that of Thomas Francis Leamy, a 59-year-old patient of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center who left against medical advice. Leamy reportedly walked out of the hospital "a few days ago when told he was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease," reports The man "still had an electrode from a heart monitor attached to his chest" when he was found in some bushes near Wilshire Boulevard and the 405 Freeway. Leamy's family had reported him missing. His body was found by a pedestrian, who contacted the California Highway Patrol, but later "was arrested for refusing to identify himself and being on the freeway illegally."

Rogue Middle East Terror State Murdering Key Figures Abroad

Guess who?

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?

"Israel is assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists as part of a covert war against the Islamic Republic's illicit weapons program, the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday quoted Western intelligence analysts as saying. The British daily said Israel's Mossad espionage agency was rumored to be behind the death of Ardeshire Hassanpour, a top nuclear scientist at Iran's Isfahan uranium plant, who died in mysterious circumstances from reported "gas poisoning" in 2007. Other recent deaths of important figures in the procurement and enrichment process in Iran and Europe have been the result of Israeli "hits", intended to deprive Tehran of key technical skills at the head of the program, according to the analysts."

Only problem being, of course, Iran ain't building nukes, and as a signee to the IAEA, unlike Israel, it has every legal right to pursue electrical power through atomic energy.
This article at Haaretz exemplifies the smug, self righteous attitude that the shitty little terror entity projects as a matter of course.
Breezily implying that murdering international figures is acceptable policy would be a horror if any other nation on earth suggested it. Not so with our bestest little buddy Israel, who seems to get a pass no matter what the hell it does.

Taking A Hammer To A Doll Resembling A Criminal Who Stole $55 Billion Is Antisemitic

Smash-Me Bernie:
ModelWorks toy company makes mini-Bernie Madoff that you can smash with a hammer

"Want to relieve anger over a destroyed portfolio? Try beating swindler-"investor" Bernard Madoff to smithereens for the humble price of $99.95."

Anti Defamation League Calls 'Smash-Me Bernie' Figurine Anti-Semitic

Israel Doing All It Can To Imperil Gazans

Israel holds up mine clearing operations

"GAZA CITY - A team trained to remove and destroy unexploded ordnance has been operating in the Gaza Strip for three weeks, but its work is being held up because Israel has not approved the entry of its equipment nor an area for storing and neutralizing ordnance. For now some of the latter, located by the Palestinian police, is being stored in locations that are dangerously close to population centers in Rafah, Khan Yunis and Gaza City."

"Unexploded ordnance" is synonymous with cluster bombs.

Criminalization Of Homelessness Will Now Get Intense

Homeless families face strict new rules

"Less than two years after vowing to end homelessness in Massachusetts, the Patrick administration has proposed new regulations that it acknowledges could force hundreds of homeless families back on the street.
The regulations, scheduled to take effect April 1, would deny shelter to families who in the last three years had been evicted from or had abandoned public or subsidized housing without good cause, and to those who fail to meet a new 30-hour per week work requirement and save 30 percent of their income.
They also would reduce from six months to three months the period families can remain in shelters after their incomes rise above state limits; force out families absent from shelters for at least two consecutive nights as well as those who reject one offer of housing without good reason; and deny benefits for families whose members have outstanding default or arrest warrants as well as those whose only child is between ages 18 and 21, unless the child has a disability or is in high school."

Etc, etc.
At some point, everybody still with functioning brain cells will realize 1. all government ceased to be a responsible entity as a servant to the people and has become a tyrannical bureaucracy and 2. this societal Armageddon is a planned catastrophe to destroy what was once the United States in order to pave the way for a new world order.
Forcing people out of jobs, onto the street and hungry is one of the final steps to make them totally dependent on Big Brother apparatus. The agenda is total control, the diseased goal of all psychotic fascists from time immemorial.

Cop Mentality Follies

When police park at HQ, regular rules do not apply

"Illegal parking in a handicapped spot is no trifling matter. Boston issues 11,000 tickets a year, each of which carries a $120 fine and often a $93 towing charge. And it is not uncommon for passersby to loudly rebuke able-bodied drivers who use parking spots reserved for the disabled.
But violators who use the 11 handicapped-designated spaces in front of Boston Police headquarters are immune from any sanction at all - or even a sidelong glance from the scores of police officers who enter and leave the building every day, according to Globe observations over the past two months.
One repeat scofflaw: the driver of a Toyota Corolla registered to Irene Landry, the city's supervisor of Parking Enforcement, who oversees the 194 parking enforcement officers who write 1.3 million tickets a year.
When a Globe reporter called Landry's office on Feb. 10 to ask about the Toyota, Landry was stunned. "I will investigate," she said. "Trust me when I tell you that."
Within five minutes of that call, her son Anthony, a police dispatcher, and three other police officials hastened out of Police Headquarters in shirtsleeves, got into their illegally parked cars, and drove away.
Most often, all prohibited parking areas around police headquarters on Tremont Street are a penalty-free zone - scores of unmarked detective cars, police evidence vans, and personal vehicles of patrol officers and sergeants are ensconced for hours at a time in spots earmarked for the disabled, and at fire hydrants, crosswalks, day-care drop-off, and MBTA bus stops - virtually all of them marked "tow zone."

Aussies Forced Into 'Pay Per Dump' Scheme

Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet

"HOUSEHOLDERS would be charged for each flush under a radical new toilet tax designed to help beat the drought.The scheme would replace the current system, which sees sewage charges based on a home's value - not its waste water output."

Householders would be charged for each flush under a radical new toilet tax designed to help beat the drought.The scheme would replace the current system, which sees sewage charges based on a home's value - not its waste water output."

I wonder if the officials responsible for this will be subject to the same fees. And how will neighborhoods smell after people decide not to use their toilets?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fog Of Disinformation

There's no doubt the reptiles wanted Beverly Eckert out of the way:

"Eckert was part of a small group of Sept. 11 widows, mothers, and children who became amateur lobbyists, ultimately forcing lawmakers in 2004 to pass sweeping reforms of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, the AP reports."

Rather than collecting the almost $2 million bribe to shut up about irregularities with the official 9/11 fairy tale, she sued the bastards to find out the truth.
The fascists want 9/11 to be enshrined as convenient myth, to be milked as justification for all their crimes. They don't want questions asked, they want everyone to believe the lies and just move along. People like Eckert are irritants that our monstrous overlords have no trouble eradicating when it suits them.
The fascists also have no qualms about collateral damage. Just take a look at all the "targeted killings" around the world, where people in opposition to empire's depredations are murdered along with family, friends and anyone else in the vicinity when the bombs drop. A few dozen passengers in a plane merely makes them shrug.
So when a flight goes down, which is the preferred method of elimination, we'll always get a flood of crap about exact circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Disinfo experts know that all the confusing garbage exhausts interested people; they'll tune the event out and just move on.

Crashed plane on autopilot

"A federal aviation official has revealed that the plane that crashed into a house near Buffalo, killing 50 people, was on autopilot when it went down, a possible violation of airline policy in icy weather."

Crashed plane not on autopilot

Crashed plane landed flat

"Investigators say the Canadian-made plane that crashed into a home outside of Buffalo landed flat on the house, and was pointed in the opposite direction of the airport where it was supposed to land."

Flight 3407 Plummeted Straight Down, Killing 50

Crew Reported ‘Significant Ice Buildup’ Before Crash

"The crew of the plane that crashed on approach to Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Thursday night, killing 50, reported “significant ice buildup” on the wings and windshield minutes before hitting a house and exploding into an intense fire, a federal transportation official said Friday."

Anti-Ice Systems Apparently Working Prior to Turboprop Crash

Turbulence caused crash

Stall caused crash

Pilot error


Death Busses

"The country that executed more than four times as many convicts as the rest of the world combined last year is slowly phasing out public executions by firing squad in favor of lethal injections. Unlike the United States and Singapore, the only two other countries where death is administered by injection, China metes out capital punishment from specially equipped "death vans" that shuttle from town to town.
Makers of the death vans say the vehicles and injections are a civilized alternative to the firing squad, ending the life of the condemned more quickly, clinically and safely. The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China "promotes human rights now..."

Right. Just call their vehicles what they really are - involuntary organ donor collection vans.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some May Call It A Cry For Help

Reverse 911 calls sent out by mistake

"Because of an equipment error, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department sent out erroneous calls on its Reverse 911 system last night, Lt. Mike Munsey said.
The calls started just after 10:30 p.m. There was no emergency, despite what people might have thought when they got a call from the Sheriff's Department.
Munsey said the county was working to fix the problem as of 11 p.m."

The Downward Spiral That Used To Be Dubai

Laid-off foreigners flee as Dubai declines

"With Dubai's economy in free fall, newspapers have reported that more than 3,000 cars sit abandoned in the parking lot at the Dubai Airport, left by fleeing, debt-ridden foreigners (who could in fact be imprisoned if they failed to pay their bills). Some are said to have maxed-out credit cards inside and notes of apology taped to the windshield."

World wide depression spreading to Dubai

"The dream of a skyline that would soon have matched Manhattan’s may be on hold as Dubai’s once stellar property and construction boom slows from its previously frenetic pace to a more sedate one, in which many projects have been either suspended or completely abandoned."

Work halted on world's tallest tower in Dubai

I wonder if they're running out of snow at that Dubai ski resort.

Keep Savings In A Different Bank From Your Creditors

Banks Sweeping Checking/Savings Accounts to Pay Late Bills

"She is doing well in this terrible market but as with so many, got a bit over-levered during the bubble years and is now spreading it thin trying to keep all of the monthly payments going out. Some months when it is thin, she will chose to skip a payment on a specific card or two to pay other things…but she is paying nevertheless.
Yesterday morning she logged into her Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts to pay bills online and there was a ZERO balance across her accounts. However, her debt was paid down considerably. Immediately she called Wells and they informed her that because she was over 30-days late paying her Wells credit that they drained the accounts in order to pay down the bills.
This is also the second time somebody I know personally has had this happen with Wells – the first had their accounts drained of about $5k to bring current a HELOC payment. Leaving people with zero money and no credit is a drastic measure. Stories like this will get around quickly – it will not be too long before you hear about practices like this on 60-Minutes."

Economic 9/11 Last September, Usual Scum Involved

Here's a prime example of how much we're being lied to. If it weren't for a few politicians blurting things out we'd never have known what's really going on. The job ot the filthy MSM is to keep you and I stupid and docile.

"In an admission stunning for its frankness (and particularly given the fact it originated with a politician whose country is held prisoner by foreign, criminal interests) Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted on C-SPAN that the current economic problems faced by–not just the United States, but indeed the entire world–were the result of an “electronic run on the bank” that resulted in the hemorrhaging of $550 billion dollars in just “an hour or 2”.

"On Thursday at about 11 am the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the United States to the tune of 550 billion dollars, being drawn out in the matter of about an hour or 2. The Treasury opened up its window to help, pumped 105 billion dollars in the system and quickly realized they could not stem the tide…We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn’t be further panic out there. If they had not done this, their estimation was that by 2 o’clock that afternoon, 5.5 trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy of the United States, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed…”

"We talked about what would happen–it would have been the end of our economic and political system as we know it, and that’s why we had to act and do things quickly."

So last September it almost all just about collapsed and it took months for that information to become known. One other thing about that attack was it's timing:

"...on September 15, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Shalom Bernanke testified before Congress that on the previous Thursday, September 11th, an “electronic run” on the US banking system took place between the hours of 9 and 11 am…That had stop-gaps not been executed, by 2 pm that afternoon (again, on September 11th) the hemorrhaging of “5.5 trillion dollars” would have taken place, resulting in the collapse of not only “the entire economy” of the United States but as well of the world within just “24 hours,” leading to “the end of our economic and political system as we know it”.

The fact that this monetary attack happened precisely on the date and hours of 9-11-01 was obviously deliberate, and not some "market correction" cover story. And the fact that the government must know who did it and kept silent about the perpetrators is screaming to us that our government doesn't want us to know who they were. If they were muslim nations it would have been in large headlines the next day.

There's only one entity who our government would protect to such a degree. And the fact that our government would allow the people of this country to suffer so horribly while protecting Israel's crime shows us plainly who they really work for. Instead of letting us know the truth of what happened and working for our interests, the fascist scum railroaded congress to pass blank checks for the banks.
This is Rep. Brad Sherman speaking before congress last October, letting it be known the fascists demanded that congress to stick it to the taxpayers to cover up what Israel had done.

Just Like The Romans

The empire is expanding it's recruitment of mercenaries, soldiers of fortune and other modern day hessians. Spokesflacks might talk about seeking "special skills" but the militay's shortfall of swinging dicks guarantees most of them will become cannon fodder. Like for Obama's expanded Afghan Adventure.
At least until financial collapse forces young people to enlist instead of starving.

U.S. to open military to temporary immigrants: report

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military will begin recruiting immigrants with special skills who are in the United States on temporary visas, offering a chance to become citizens in as little as six months, The New York Times reported.
A report on the newspaper's website on Saturday said it would be the first time since the Vietnam War that the armed forces would be open to temporary immigrants, provided they have lived in the United States for at least two years.
Immigrants with permanent resident status, or "green cards," are eligible to enlist in the U.S. military.
A Pentagon spokesman said he knew of the program but had no details."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Overpopulating The World One Litter At A Time

Octuplet Doctor Strikes Again, Report Says

"The fertility doctor who helped Nadya Suleman conceive her octuplets also treated a 49-year-old woman who is carrying quadruplets, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Dr. Michael Kamrava transferred at least seven embryos to the unnamed woman, who is hospitalized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, the Times reported today.
Like Suleman, the woman has been placed on bedrest because of discomfort and to protect the unborn children."

Served And Protected

We're about to be served a shitload of tickets to protect their money flow. Nailing motorists for every conceivable violation imaginable will soon be their new cash cow. Only don't call them "ticket quotas." Their new name will be "safety incentives" or some such crap.

Speeding, Parking Tickets on Rise as Government Revenue Source

"Drivers across the country, beware — a heftier fine could be coming to a dashboard near you. Faced with rising deficits and dwindling revenues, many states and local municipalities are turning to increased traffic and parking fines to fill their coffers."

They're Not Even Trying To Cover Up Their Theft

The Bank Swindle: Putting it in Perspective

"The US government has given Citigroup $45 billion in direct cash injections while guaranteeing another $291 billion of the banks toxic (worthless) assets. Citi’s cost to the taxpayer now totals $336 billion.
Think you over paid? You did. The entire market capitalization of Citigroup is only $19 billion which means that anyone can buy the entire company and assume full control for $19 billion."

Despite billions in aid, U.S. banks want more help

"Even before word leaked out that Citigroup might split into pieces to shore up its finances, an unpleasant message was moving through Congress and Barack Obama's transition team: The banks need more money from U.S. taxpayers.
In all likelihood, a lot more money."

2008 World Press Photo Of The Year

A picture of an armed sheriff moving through an American home after an eviction. Possibly mopping up stragglers.
Cost of the War in Iraq
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