Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Death Suite

The cult of personality should get a life.

Long reservation list due to morbid fascination

"Whitney Houston died in a hotel room only three days ago and the room is already occupied once again, according to TMZ. You might think people would shy away from room 434 and while some might, there's a waiting list a mile long to rent the room for the night.

Many reasons exist for people wanting to spend the night in the room where a celebrity met their demise, some may have a fascination with the dark side of life. At $375 a night, it's not a room that a group of average teenagers would gravitate to due to the cost, so it's more than just a bunch of teens interested in this. The reservations go on until the "unforeseeable" future, according to the hotel staff.

The hotel wouldn't give the next available date for the room. Some of the reservations might come from Whitney Houston fans who feel this is some type of pilgrimage to make for their idol, much like Graceland is to Elvis fans.

Of course there's probably the ghost hunters, people trying to channel Whitney's spirit, and people fascinated with the macabre events in life. Chances are over the next few months, room 434 will become the site for many séance attempts and Ouija Board events."


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