Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh This Overload Of Dastardly Suicidal Iranians

Explosions in Bangkok Injure Suspected Iranian National

"BANGKOK — A series of explosions rocked a residential neighborhood here on Tuesday, including a blast caused by a man believed to be an Iranian national who threw a hand grenade at Thai police officers, a police official said.

The explosions came a day after bombers attacked Israeli Embassy personnel in the capitals of India and Georgia. Israel accused Iran of being behind the attacks, which the Tehran government denied.

Witnesses here said three men who did not appear to be ethnic Thais fled a house in the city’s Sukhumvit neighborhood after an explosion in the early afternoon tore off the roof.

Two of the men escaped, setting off a man hunt. The third man emerged from the house disoriented and tried to hail a taxi, witnesses said. When the taxi did not stop, he threw an explosive device, possibly a hand grenade, at the taxi, destroying the front half the vehicle, police said.

The police said the man then threw a hand grenade at approaching officers.

“It did not reach them. He couldn’t throw it far enough,” said Col. Varavudh Thaweechaikarn, a police officer at the scene. The explosion badly injured the man’s legs.

Among the man’s belongings, the police found a receipt from a hotel in the Thai city of Chonburi, Colonel Varavudh said. “The man put his nationality as Iranian when he checked into the hotel,” he said.

The police also found Iranian currency in the man’s wallet."

We'll see more of this crap, bet the farm on it. The stage is being set for the next big false flag lollapalooza to get WW3 underway.
Just like all the bullshit "terror" events before 9/11 to get mouthbreathers ready for the main event that had Muslims vilified enough to believe caveman Osama was responsible, we're seeing a concerted attempt to vilify the Iranians.

The Magic 9/11 Passport


Blogger Anon said...

Looks like Mossad.

- Aangirfan

14/2/12 10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They found some sheckels also, covered in goyim blood.

14/2/12 3:46 PM  

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