Monday, February 13, 2012

Israelis Out There Painting Swastikas On Walls Again

And blaming their villain du jour in yet more of their infamous pity ploys.
The shitty little terror entity wants you to think Iranians are suicidal idiots.
And Israelis are perpetual victims.
These magnetic bombs are the same that killed Iranian scientists.

Car bombs 'target Israel envoys' in India and Georgia

"Bombers have targeted staff at Israeli embassies in India and Georgia, officials say, with Israel accusing Iran of masterminding the attacks.

Witnesses said a motorcyclist placed a device on an embassy car in Delhi, causing a blast that hurt four people - one seriously. A bomb underneath a diplomat's car in Tbilisi was defused.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was behind both incidents.

But Iranian officials denied the claims as "sheer lies".

One of the victims of the Delhi bombing, the wife of a defence ministry official, was in a "critical but stable" condition, according to AFP news agency. It quoted a doctor as saying she had undergone spinal surgery."


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