Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Road To A Fascist Police State Is Paved With So Called Good Intentions

Illinois SWAT Gets OK on Silencers

"SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) -Under a just passed law, Illinois SWAT units can now attach silencers to their weapons. The silencer is designed to give police special operations teams the advantage if they find themselves in a firefight .

The sponsor of the measure, state senator Dave Koehler says if police have to enter a room and fire their weapons the silencer allows them to concentrate on their target.

“Hearing loss of up to 15 seconds can make a big difference between whether hostages are killed or not.”

The law passed unanimously. Koehler says the strict guidelines apply only to special police units….for the average person owning a silencer is a class three felony and can get you two to five years in federal prison."

Suppressors are used to kill more quietly, but the excuse about cops losing their hearing is a load of horseshit yet again. We might as well call it like it is. Illinois just legalized assassination death squads. If silencers were about protecting ears then their use by you and me wouldn't be a felony, now would it?


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