Sunday, February 12, 2012

Empire Defends It's Massive Drug Importation Profits

Latin American leaders assail U.S. drug ‘market’

"MEXICO CITY — Latin American leaders have joined together to condemn the U.S. government for soaring drug violence in their countries, blaming the United States for the transnational cartels that have grown rich and powerful smuggling dope north and guns south."

US Embassy in Guatemala Criticizes Legalizing Drug(s)

"The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala is criticizing President Otto Perez Molina's proposal to legalize drugs in Central America.

The embassy says Washington opposes such measures because "the evidence shows our shared drug problem is a threat to public health and safety."

An embassy statement on Sunday said that legalizing drugs wouldn't stop transnational gangs that not only traffic drugs but also people and weapons, as well as extorting and kidnapping people.

Perez Molina on Saturday said he will propose legalizing drugs in Central America in an upcoming meeting with the region's leaders."


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