Monday, February 13, 2012

The Fascist Police State Is Oiled And Waiting

The 72 Threat Fusion Centers Were Designed To Threaten You

"There are 72 Threat Fusion Centers. 50 state based and 22 urban centers set up during the Bush presidency in cooperation between the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. They collect information from all 16 US intelligence agencies, the CIA, FBI, the military, state and local police agencies and privately owned corporations and organizations like the ADL and SPLC which some say should be registered as agents of a foreign power Israel.

A lot of their information comes from contractors. So just how many contractors does DHS employ? Senator McCaskill said DHS doesn’t even know how many contractors there are working for them. Some estimate at one time there was as many as 200,000. If you understand bureaucracies and contractors, you will realize that these people need to justify their paychecks by finding terrorists. And that probably already includes you because you are on the Internet and have opinions.

The See Something Say Something program has expanded the source and unreliability of informants to include anyone in certain occupations that brings them into contact with the public. These include garbage collectors, cable TV installers and repairmen, carpet cleaners, dentists, doctors, truck drivers, cab drivers, clergymen, teachers, nurses and anyone with a phone who can call one of many hotlines. Callers can be motivated by an argument, a dispute over a bill or angered by a divorce. Millions of people are spying on us. And I guarantee one of them does not like you.

Some people just do not care what others say about them. One woman even wrote a book entitled ‘What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business.’ The problem with that attitude is that the DHS wants to require security clearances to work in certain occupations. As that list of occupations grows, the possibility of losing a job increases exponentially. An intended consequence of your inability to find work without the approval of DHS will be the stifling of dissent.

The information DHS collects on you includes the opinions of your garbage collector who might not like you based upon what your neighbor puts in your trash after you left for work in the morning. Or what a local minister says he thinks he heard you or someone with a similar name say at a wedding or a funeral."



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