Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb In Qantas Flight QF30?

Qantas 747 terror could have been caused by bomb, say aviation experts

"The hole blown in the side of the Boeing 747 on flight from London to Melbourne, could have been caused by an explosive device or a damaged fuselage, according to aviation experts.
Passengers on the flight have described their terror after a panel on the side of the aircraft was ripped off in midair, blowing a hole in the fuselage.
Qantas flight QF30, with 300 passengers and crew on board, plunged 20,000ft after the missing panel caused an "explosive" depressurisation.
David Learmount, Safety Editor at Flight International Magazine, said: "It's possible there was some kind of explosive device in the suitcases. There's a hole where there shouldn't be."
But he stressed that other possible causes for the damage included physical damage or a corrosive that weakened the hull, making it give way.
He said the hole had exposed some bags in the hold which are usually contained in metal containers. "It's interesting to see them - how else could that be if not an explosion?"

It's always instructive to see just who is on a plane that gets in trouble or crashes.
As Sorch Faal points out at WhatDoesItMean, "These reports also state that two of the passengers on board this Qantas airliner were top aides to Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon who were returning from a NATO meeting in Europe where in a heated exchange with the Americans they reiterated Prime Minister Rudd’s refusal to send more troops to Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Rudd had previously provoked the wrath of the Americans when upon his election victory he
removed all of Australia’s troops from Iraq and has warned that he will do the same for Australian troops in Afghanistan."

If this was a bomb intended to bring the plane down, killing 300 people, it wouldn't have been be the first time that Australians were punished for not dancing fast enough to the ziofascist tune.
Six years ago the Bushistas began beating the war drums for Iraq. Aussies overwhelmingly rejected Howard and his government's craven agreement to go along with the upcoming invasion, and needed to be taught a lesson.
On October 12 a series of bombs went off in a nightclub area on the island of Bali. The largest explosion, probably a mini-nuke because of the crater, vaporized victims and radiation deaths that ensued, went off in a monsoon drain in front of the Sari Club. 88 Australians died and the propagandists went apoplectic blaming muslim terrorists.
Funny thing about that Indonesian event. Everybody there knew where americans hung out on Kuta Beach and it wasn't the Sari Club. Aside from their possible disgust at the drunken revelry, why would terrorists want to murder Aussie kids when americans were just down the street?
The answer of course was that "muslim terrorists" were the fictitious patsies in a false flag explosion designed to capitalize on Australian grief to whip up support for the invasion of Iraq.

One other thing about this Qantas incident. Guess who was oh so strategically placed in Australia to capitalize on the massive grief from a packed plane going down and then lay the blame where it would bolster the ficticious "war on terror?"


Anonymous Rob said...

excellent post!
nice way to connect the terror dots.
This would have been blamed on Iran if successful.

26/7/08 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Saren said...

I agree that this makes too much sense to not see, but the mechanics of it? How do they sneak a bomb onto a plane past security? Would the US govt, if responsible, had to pay someone to do this? Or pay someone to stop security watch for a time or something??? Just how do they do this?

26/7/08 6:30 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's a piece of cake for posturing "officials" all over the world to bend rules, saren. All they have to do is utter the magic words "security", or "national security", flash a few badges and all other laws along with common sense get thrown out the window.
Prime example would be the Spain train bombings which were shown to be caused by explosives placed under the carriages by officials in the trainyards.

27/7/08 5:58 PM  
Blogger donlenon said...

halo, just drop by to read this amazing post..
excellent post though

31/7/08 6:33 AM  

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