Friday, July 25, 2008

"Positive Citizen" Cards

Presumably this program is to turn children into good little snitches.
And one wonders what the cops believe is "antisocial behavior".

UK Police use junk food discounts to 'bribe' children to behave

"Teenagers who promise to stay out of trouble will be given discounts on burgers, chips and pizzas, as well as computer games, clothes and trips to the cinema and bowling alley.
The Positive Citizen scheme is being piloted by police and the local council in Sutton, south London, in an attempt to "break down barriers" between children and the authorities.
But critics have dismissed it as an "appalling" idea which will encourage young people to become trapped in a cycle of obesity and inactivity. They also point to evidence that a diet of junk food can actually cause children to misbehave.
Anyone aged between 12 and 17 can take part in the scheme, so long as they sign a "good behaviour contract". Once this is done they are given a Positive Citizen photo-card, which entitles them to discounts at a number of high-street outlets.
The card gives 10 per cent off at Pizza Hut, Zavvi, New Look and Top Shop, staff discount rates at McDonald's and even a basic DIY course at B&Q.
It also entitles the holder to £4.25 entry, instead of £7.50, at Sutton's Empire cinema once a month, while at the local Superbowl a game will cost £3 rather than £4.50.
Young people who take up the scheme are warned that the perks will be removed if they are caught behaving in an antisocial manner."


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