Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Candidates Grovel Before Israelis

Perish the thought that these guys would pledge fealty to this country and the constitution as fervently as they kiss up to the little terror and apartheid state.

Obama tries to outsmooch Israeli butt

"I'm here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States, my abiding commitment to its security."


McBush tries to outsmooch Israeli butt, and thinks Iraq borders Pakistan

"Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain says the US will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, which could destroy Israel. McCain made the remark in Monday interview with an Israeli TV station on the eve of his Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama's visit to Israel.
McCain once again laid out his policy toward Iran, but now there is doubt about whether the candidate knew exactly which country he was referring to.
In another interview with ABC's Good Morning America the Arizona senator raised eyebrows once again when he talked about the Iraq-Pakistan border, excluding Iran which is located between the two countries."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is our loyal duty as Americans and christians to kiss Israels fat ass.

10/12/12 3:46 PM  

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