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Famine Is One Of The Four Horsemen

Billions at risk from wheat super-blight
from New Scientist, 4/3/2007

"This thing has immense potential for social and human destruction." Startling words - but spoken by the father of the Green Revolution, Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, they are not easily dismissed.
An infection is coming, and almost no one has heard about it. This infection isn't going to give you flu, or TB. In fact, it isn't interested in you at all. It is after the wheat plants that feed more people than any other single food source on the planet. And because of cutbacks in international research, we aren't prepared. The famines that were banished by the advent of disease-resistant crops in the Green Revolution of the 1960s could return, Borlaug told New Scientist.
The disease is Ug99, a virulent strain of black stem rust fungus (Puccinia graminis), discovered in Uganda in 1999. Since the Green Revolution, farmers everywhere have grown wheat varieties that resist stem rust, but Ug99 has evolved to take advantage of those varieties, and almost no wheat crops anywhere are resistant to it.
The strain has spread slowly across east Africa, but in January this year spores blew across to Yemen, and north into Sudan (see Map). Scientists who have tracked similar airborne spores in this part of the world say it will now blow into Egypt, Turkey and the Middle East, and on to India, lands where a billion people depend on wheat."


I first came across stories predicting dire consequences from this fungus about a month ago, when news reports stated an infestation had begun in western Iran. That this plant pathogen was going to spread far and wide was never in any doubt. It just seems very supicious to me that it jumped great distances and spared vast wheat growing areas to start an outbreak just over the border from Iraq in Iran. I'm not the only one who suspects dirty business with this:

Iran’s Wheat Fungus: Coincidence or Biological Warfare?
"Sure, maybe it was carried by the wind — and maybe the fungus was introduced by man. Not so much a conspiracy theory when history is taken into account. For instance, back in 1977, the San Francisco Chronicle reported the CIA dispatched “anti-Castro terrorists” to introduce “African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971…. Six weeks later an outbreak of the disease forced the slaughter of 500,000 pigs to prevent a nationwide animal epidemic.” It was so scary that the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization labeled the outbreak the “most alarming event” of 1971.
It wouldn’t be an isolated event. Earlier operatives introduced a disease infecting Cuban sea-turtles, coffee crops, and sugar. In fact, Cuba’s sugar crop was the economic target of choice. In 1977, cane smut mysteriously appeared in Pilón, eastern Cuba. The disease had never been known in Cuba. In 1978, sugar cane rust infected a new variety of cane imported from Barbados and as a result 1.35 million tons of sugar was lost.
Bovine skin disease, haemorrhagic dengue fever affecting 350,000 people, and the introduction of haemorraghic conjunctivitis, these are just a few of the plagues that have afflicted Cuba since the United States declared a covert war on the country."

Leave it to Kurt Nimmo to dig up some pertinent background information.
This UG99 is horrible stuff. It's the worst of the three types of fungus that affects wheat plants; it's a stem rust that prevents nutrients from getting to the fruit and it can destroy entire fields at once. It mutates and at this point there isn't anything that can be planted that's immune from infection. If indeed the fascists helped it along with bio engineering or enabled it's spread by deliberately inserting it in Iran as a form of warfare, which the monstrous criminals are perfectly capable of doing, it will be the worst crime in the history of civilization. It threatens to destroy much of this year's crops at a time when the world's supply of grain is dangerously low.

There's an interesting sideline to this. Since the middle of the 90s Art Bell has had a guy named Ed Dames on the late night Coast to Coast show. Dames was a minor figure in the Remote Viewing program that US spook agencies and the air force investigated (and probably use today) for several decades. Dames has been on the radio show numerous times to predict lots of things using his remote viewing prowess and has seriously embarrassed himself by getting everything wrong.
Except for this fungus which he predicted ten years ago. It was back when comet Hale Bopp showed up and Dames saw a plague, starting in Africa, sweep across the world and devastate crops. He said it was a "package" sent to earth from otherworldly entities to "clean the petri dish", but this was Head Games after all and he's prone to embellishment.

For some audio about this go here.

Since Remote Viewing was established as a viable science and research is still ongoing, maybe even a self important hack like Dames was able to see this blight ten years in the future. And since he was apparently dead on about this disease beginning in Africa, it's very possible that he was able to sense deliberate purpose behind it's terrifying sweep. Maybe he didn't see extraterrestrials sending it to earth from outer space but certain earthlings here deliberately spreading the fungus to cause crop failure and starvation, which is sure to come later this year.


Anonymous nick z. said...

I would also suggest a possible linkage with the GM synthetic crops push that has also targeted Africa. While the most sinister plot suggested in this post is definitely possible, at the same time, it may even be a way of paving the path for more corporate synthetic crops.

Of course, they may not care how many people die in the mean-time, but they may also be planning on acting as the rescuing heroes later on, by providing synthetic crops which have a resistance to the diseases. That's not to say they won't also have absolute control over the distribution.

31/3/08 6:30 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I'm glad you brought that up, nick, I came across
that aspect of the situation but didn't have time to explore it much.
Because they always do things that overlap it's probably true that trying to having a monopoly on food supplies while people starve would be very attractive to them. One wonders if the push for biofuels, the mad scientists at Monsanto, the seed vault in Norway and this pathogen are all related.

31/3/08 7:16 AM  
Blogger Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Yes, I am sure Monsanto will suddenly emerge with the "see we have THE seed to resist this terrible disease".

I'm thinking perhaps chemtrail spraying is involved in carrying this out.

31/3/08 11:35 AM  

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