Friday, March 28, 2008

How Bad Is It Getting?

Financially overwhelmed owners abandon homes, with pets still inside

"Call it reckless abandonment. Shelters and animal rescue organizations across the country are packed cage-to-cage with dogs and cats, even birds and reptiles, that have been ditched or dropped off as scores of foreclosed-upon homeowners relocate. It is a disturbing trend and a sign of the tough economic times that has prompted a number of organizations to form hotlines for pet foster homes and to implore pet owners -- or what the industry calls "pet parents" -- to seek help for their animals before they head off.
"There are a lot of people who are just walking away and leaving their pets behind, which breaks everyone's heart," said Windgassen, the president of Anthem Pets, a nonprofit animal welfare organization in her community.
The number of abandoned pure-bred dogs in her neighborhood alone has jumped 10-fold just since Christmas. "It just boggles my mind," she said. "It's cutting across all income levels and age levels."
Owners surrender their pets for a variety of reasons, ranging from allergies to plain disinterest. And there's no law that says people have to be honest about why they're giving up their pets (though there are laws in many states that prohibit pet abandonment).
There are no national statistics on pet abandonment or on the number of pets found in vacant properties. But Stephanie Shain, director or outreach for the Humane Society of the United States, said shelters are reporting full capacity and rescue organizations tell of sharper increases in the numbers of animals coming in."

And 313,000 google results for "tent cities".


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