Friday, March 28, 2008

Occupational Hazards - Vichy Army Defects

Iraqi police in Basra shed their uniforms, kept their rifles and switched sides

"Abu Iman barely flinched when the Iraqi Government ordered his unit of special police to move against al-Mahdi Army fighters in Basra.
His response, while swift, was not what British and US military trainers who have spent the past five years schooling the Iraqi security forces would have hoped for. He and 15 of his comrades took off their uniforms, kept their government-issued rifles and went over to the other side without a second thought.
Such turncoats are the thread that could unravel the British Army’s policy in southern Iraq."

Occupation stooge Maliki ignored

"As clashes contineu, Maliki postpones the Saturday deadline to April 8. An Interior Ministry official says no one has handed in his weapons." (For money. by the way)

US military resorts to bombing the shit out of another city

"March 28 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. aircraft bombed militia positions in Basra overnight, joining the fight four days into an operation by Iraqi forces against Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army in the southern oil hub."

War criminal praises violence

Yeah, things are going great in Bush's ongoing war crime. These filthy endeavors always go the same route - initial invasion and destruction, looting the place and stealing the resources, setting up a fascist puppet "government" that will do the occupiers' bidding, finally battling the local patriots who want the damned place back.

The end result to this madness in Iraq could be far worse than the myriad number of times it's been done before. If the Shiite majority declare war on the occupiers the entire country could erupt in flames. This will certainly happen if the fascists send cruise missiles into Shiite Iran. The occupiers will then have a huge problem - their supply lines run up from Kuwait through hundreds of miles of Shiite dominated land. Re-supply by air will then be necessary and won't nearly be adequate, especially when the sandstorms begin. The only recourse for the US and British forces will be to slaughter indiscriminately from the air, something which appears to have started. The entire expeditionary force is in danger of being annihilated.


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