Friday, March 28, 2008

More Indications Something Big Is In The Works

A week ago I noticed that there seemed to be intense activity by heads of state and their honchos around the globe, presaging something big in the works. Whatever it is, war, economic collapse, food shortages, pandemics, it isn't going to be good for us. The flitting about continues with news that Dim Son and his posse are going to go to Russia around April 6 to meet with Putin. Whatever they're going to chat about must be awfully important because impromtu face time like this is very rare. Usually a trip like this is planned well in advance.

So now's as good a time to issue the yearly warning. For some reason the period between April 10 or so to April 20 or so seems to be of immense importance to the fascist mob running the show. This is their window of opportunity to pull off splashy events that entail great loss of life in what seems to me to be some sort of ritual cult sacrifice for indistinct and arcane empowerment. I'm just guessing but the tremendous attention these acts gather may be focused somehow and the energy used to further their nefarious agenda. Last year they decided to send a mind altered gunman into Virginia Tech to kill college students. Other years they roasted the Branch Davidians, blew up the Murrah building, blew up a US embassy and did Columbine. If the frenetic activities of Bush et al mean that the governments have some surprise in store, this ten day period is when they're probably going to spring it.


Blogger spooked said...

Don't forget the VT massacre was in the period two years back

28/3/08 5:19 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You had me startled there for a minute, spooked, April 16, 2007

28/3/08 6:16 AM  
Blogger ericswan said...

I posted the same feeling for the same period a couple of weeks ago. What has me startled is the meet between Harper, Calderon and Bush in N'orlins in that timeframe. They can and do pretty much whatever they want when they are at war and I'm thinking it's on the table.

30/3/08 5:48 AM  

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