Thursday, March 20, 2008

Something Smells

I got intrigued by a SOTT entry where they hinted that with all the players on the world stage flitting back and forth, something wicked this way comes. So I decided to take a look at their travels and it appears that something indeed seems to be pending because there's been a frenzy of travel and meetings between heads of state and their minions. I'm sure there's more, I got tired of looking.

Feb 15 - 21 - Bush in Africa
Feb 24 - Olmert and Rice in Japan
Mar 7 - old man Bush and Hu Jintao in China
Mar 8 - Merkel and Putin in Russia
Mar 9 - Polish PM Tusk and Bush in Washington
Mar 10 - Peres and Sarkozy in France
Mar 13 - Rice to Brazil and Chile
Mar 17 - Rice and Gates and Putin in Moscow
Mar 16 - Merkel and Olmert in Israel
Mar 19 - Cheney to Turkey, the Gulf and Afghanistan
Mar 22? - Cheney and Olmert in Israel, perhaps with British minister Miliband
Sarkozy and Brown in London next week
Australia's Rudd on 15 day world trip


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