Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Potential Putin Assassin Had Interesting Travel History

Western Oil Giants Said Behind Putin Assassination Plot

"FSB reports circulating in the Kremlin today are reporting that President Putin and President-elect Medvedev were the ‘intended’ targets of Tajikistan citizen Shakhvelad Osmanov, and who was captured by Russian Security Forces prior to his being able to assassinate both of Russia’s leaders during a planned victory celebration in Red Square.
These reports further state that the assassin Osmanov had an ‘arsenal of weapons’, to include a British made Model 85 Parker Hale sniper rifle, and who many in the Russian Military believe to be one of the best sniper rifles in the World.
Most disturbing, however, about these reports are the detailing of assassin Osmanov’s travels since 13 February 2008, and which show him having traveled from Tajikistan to the United States where he stayed for 3 days in the Texas City of Houston. From Houston, these reports state, assassin Osmanov than traveled to London and after 3 days there left for the Netherlands and stayed in the Hague for over a week.
From the Hague assassin Osmanov traveled to the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo
, stayed there for 2 weeks then debarked for Moscow where he remained until captured prior to his being able to kill Russia’s leaders."


Sweet Jeebus, there's that Texas and oil connection again. And there are a couple of conflicts which would explain it.

Sakhalin Island in eastern Russia sits on top of staggering resources - an estimated 90 trillion cubic feet of untapped natural gas and 12 billion barrels of crude oil under the ocean floor. In 1994 the west's buddy and drunken clown Boris Yeltsin was busily selling out Russia to corporate interests and penned a deal with the Anglo-Dutch firm Royal Dutch Shell to exploit Sakhalin's resources.
Much to Shell's chagrin, Vladamir Putin was able to out maneuver them and enabled a Russian state-owned company conglomerate, Gazprom, to get majority interest last December.

Needless to say, Shell was pissed.

There's another reason why oil companies may have wanted Putin and his successor out of the way. The usual suspects - Exxon, Shell, Mobil - have billions invested in Caspian Sea oil extraction and plan to spend billions more in pipelines to get it to market. New routes had to be found to get oil from these newly discovered vast eurasion fields to Europe.

"In 1995 a seemingly safe and short alternative route was discovered to get around the unsafe overloaded Bosporus Channel in Turkey.The oil tankers on the Black Sea, instead of going south through the narrow Bosporus, would turn northward up the wide Danube River toward Europe. But then at Belgrade, in Serbian Yugoslavia the tankers would make a quick left turn up a tributary river, unload the oil, and with only a short 50 mile pipeline could reach the large Mediterranean seaport of Tirana, Albania and then on to the world. It looked cheap and easy. And where would that short pipeline be built? Across a small province called Kosovo."

So aside from being extremely rich in natural resources, wrenching Kosovo from Serbia meant that the oil giants would have their pipeline route, which goes a long way in explaining mysterious touching US concern for Kosovar muslims in their quest for independence. There was a problem though. Putin has said repeatedly that he absolutely opposes a separate Kosovar state from Russia's ally Serbia and has threatened force in stopping it.

In the fascists' eyes, Putin and his heir have to go, their oil buddies are running out of patience.


Anonymous rdwaters said...

Texas to Kosovo - interesting stuff indeed. Putin and heir should stay out of canoes and private planes in the near future...

19/3/08 7:45 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Not a peep in american media, as if it didn't exist. Notice how some sort of "very serious letter" was sent to Putin by the white house a few days later, with foreign sources saying it had to do with the incident.

20/3/08 12:37 AM  
Anonymous Ex_MislTech said...

One problem is this was a story only covered by Scorcha Faal, and she
is not a real person and has posted many dubious stories.

On ATS they laid out all the prior fakes, and has made anything posted by him/her largely propaganda.

26/5/08 1:01 AM  
Anonymous Ex_MislTech said...


26/5/08 1:02 AM  

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