Thursday, March 20, 2008

Translating Fear Propaganda Into English

Just on time to mark five years of war crimes and genocide in Iraq, and just on time to inject a little oomph into a phony "war on a noun" that seems to be losing steam, the propagandists hand us new poop from a stiff spook.


Put through the handy Fear-O-MaticĀ® translator:

Dead Guy: Muslims And Christians Are At War
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Dead Guy is miraculously resurrected to fan the flames of religious hatred, and issues vague but scary threat about some stupidity that worked people into a frenzy before.
Europe should tremble because the CIA says a lifeless corpse is hiding under their beds. Since he's really dead and buried, they also say they'll pull a false flag attack and you can hate the designated patsies.


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