Sunday, March 30, 2008

Deconstructing The Republican National Convention Logo

Somebody didn't do a very good job of whipping up a logo for the repugs this time.
Why a blue elephant? Are they stealing the democrats' color?

What's with the prison stripes?


You would think the designers would strenuously avoid all references to sleazy misdeeds, especially since the convention is being held in Minneapolis, scene of Tappyfoot McHandsignal Larry Craig's notorious outing.

And why the star for the eye? Don't stars and crosses usually mean, well, you're dead?


So we have a dead, blue elephant convict rearing up and flailing in terrified confusion, the preferred emotional state in which the republicans wish you to remain.


Better logo:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha, xlnt analyses!

30/3/08 10:15 PM  

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