Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Times Should Rename This Story "We Will Not Be Another Iraq"

Eye on Iran, Rivals Pursuing Nuclear Power

"Two years ago, the leaders of Saudi Arabia told international atomic regulators that they could foresee no need for the kingdom to develop nuclear power. Today, they are scrambling to hire atomic contractors, buy nuclear hardware and build support for a regional system of reactors.

So, too, Turkey is preparing for its first atomic plant. And Egypt has announced plans to build one on its Mediterranean coast. In all, roughly a dozen states in the region have recently turned to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna for help in starting their own nuclear programs. While interest in nuclear energy is rising globally, it is unusually strong in the Middle East.
“The rules have changed,” King Abdullah II of Jordan recently told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Everybody’s going for nuclear programs.”

After delivering that news to us the Times then falls back into it's comfortable stenographer-with-amnesia mode and delivers the White House drivel that it's Iran that's making the middle east nervous. Referring to the same sort of uneasiness when Israel pursued nuclear energy, the inane case is made that all the neighboring countries are now going to try to get the bomb because Iran might sort of, kinda get the bomb at some point. 'Diplomats and analysts' even go so far in declaring that this rush to go nuclear vindicates the US and it's saber rattling toward Iran.
Quoting no Arab source but a guy actually named Christian, the Times wants you to believe all the Gulf nations would secretly do the happy dance if the US pulls the trigger:

"But many diplomats and analysts say that the Sunni Arab governments are so anxious about Iran’s nuclear progress that they would even, grudgingly, support a United States military strike against Iran.
“If push comes to shove, if the choice is between an Iranian nuclear bomb and a U.S. military strike, then the Arab gulf states have no choice but to quietly support the U.S.,” said Christian Koch, director of international studies at the Gulf Research Center, a private group in Dubai."

Well, when you see bullshit you've got to call it as you see it. If you take a look at history you'll find that Iran hasn't threatened or invaded any neighboring country in hundreds of years. It was at war with Iraq in the 80s because the US pushed Saddam to invade it in a not-so-secret policy of let's you and him fight. In fact the only time there were tense relations between Iran and the arab Gulf nations was the period of the Shah's rule after the CIA overthrew democratically elected Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and installed the Peacock Throne. Nixon wanted the Shah to be his 'policeman of the middle east' and supported his militarized, autocratic rule.

It's not Iran who's the threatening power in the area. The US invaded Iraq because of lies and proceeded to turn the country into a hell on earth. The Gulf nations can see with their own eyes what the US is willing to do to a nation that doesn't have the means to defend itself. They can also see what the only real nuclear power in the middle east is willing to do to it's neighbors when Israel bombed the living crap out of Lebanon last summer. They can understand deterrance as well as anybody, and they can see who's the real threat.

They can see through the lying garbage about Iran that The US, Britain and Israel spews out, they can hear the hegemonic rhetoric and can see the imperious meddling. The arabs know who used weapons of mass destruction on them in the past and who's using them right now. They know full well what country will commit acts of war in the region to stifle progress of it's neighbors and they realize it's time to take action to defend themselves. The arab nations can see the handwriting on the wall and are going to try to become nuclear powers thanks to the real actions of the real axis o' evil, not because of imaginative propaganda. The Times is being just a conduit for more lies from the criminal cabal about Iran just like it passed on to us the lies about Iraq.


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