Thursday, April 12, 2007

US Reverts To Failed Tyrannical Measures

Yeah that ol' surge is working just wonderfully, with fierce opposition to the continuing, never ending occupation in Iraq. I guess that bombing in the heart of the green zone is also a sign that peace and security is just around the corner. But just to make sure this bright future will come to pass our brilliant conquerors plan to dredge up tactics used in the past to try to pacify people who resent foreigners telling them what to do - Baghdad will be turned into a large concentration camp.

Think about the sheer stupidity and ugliness of this. This isn't out of concern for the city's six million people, this is a brutal and totalitarian attempt by the military to control resistance to the occupation. But it won't work and will only make things worse for the invaders in the long run. Resentment will turn to seething hatred and the ranks will fill to bursting in the armed resistance.

It's the physical manifestation of idiots believing their own propaganda. We've been told ad nauseum that the 'insurgents' are somehow distinct from average Iraqis yet aside from the false flag black ops bombings the homegrown violence in Iraq is aimed at the occupation. Which means that average Iraqi citizens are taking up arms. (Just like any patriot here in america would do.) As Robert Fisk puts it, the insurgents "come from the same population centres that will be "gated" and will, if undiscovered, hold ID cards themselves; they will be "enclosed" with everyone else."

This imperious despotism has a filthy, racist history from another glorious war of conquest. In Vietnam a 'strategic hamlet" program was forced on the people of that country. Six million peasants were eventually rounded up and locked into guarded concentration camps, and because their villages were constructed from local vegetation they were usually burned. When this despicable program failed miserably the brilliant strategists all blamed logistics and execution, never taking into account the fact that people generally don't take too kindly to such treatment. Today's brilliant minds haven't seemed to grasp that reality either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the US thinks Palestine is such a huge success, they're following Israel's example. Soon, Baghdad might earn the title, "Little Palestine".

13/4/07 12:05 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You're right. And every time this is tried it makes things much worse.

13/4/07 7:45 PM  
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